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One Week of Pork: Carving a Whole Pig into the Smaller Cuts

I went into all the detail of what I was up to yesterday, so I’ll just go into what today’s project was.  Cutting the pig into smaller, useable cuts.   477 more words


One Week of Pork: Carving a Whole Pig into the Primal Cuts

We had ordered a whole pig to roast, but didn’t get to roast it.  Now we have a whole pig that we needed to butcher and process ourselves, so I get to learn how to butcher.   518 more words


"The Butcher" by Jennifer Hillier - This Novel Could Bloody Your Mind!

Edward Shank, the retired Chief of the Seattle Police Department had been a widower for four months when he decided he no longer needed to live in the house he had lived in most of his married life with his wife, Marisol.  328 more words


As I stared at the caribou leg in front of me and tried to figure out how to get the meat off the bone, I suddenly remembered how I would hide in my room when my dad and brothers came home with their catch.   598 more words

Alaska Diet

Review of a book that should be a homesteaders staple

We’ve come across a review of a book that should be in every homesteaders library.

Whether you want to raise your own meat, hunt, or just want to know what to order from a custom butcher, read this review. 12 more words

BobCat Acres

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Open the far room door, let in light. This is her plan. Nearly there, in the dark just outside her own room, she rams her knee into a shadowy chair. 266 more words


kill-it-and-eat-it locavores give cities indigestion

This article describes how urban farmers who chose to slaughter their own meat are facing new regulations and even bans on home butchering. This is coming after… 402 more words