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Life Cycle: Afternoon With Pete

This afternoon I took a ride with my Dad. We got stuck in traffic on I-85 South for awhile and started cussin’ all the politicians that pay a visit to 52 different churches a year that voted against our new highway. 451 more words

Sporting Life

Cheeky Little Pig

Pork cheeks have a special place for us as a wonderful food memory and because they are so very, very tasty.

Some Context on Why We Love Them So… 873 more words


Commodity Server based SAN! Scale IO. Distributed storage for converged infrastructure.

Scale IO. Distributed storage for converged infrastructure.

As you already know, the biggest expense in any environment is usually Storage.

So, let’s look at a traditional Data Base environment requiring high performance. 577 more words


Deck the Shed with Lots of Game Meat...

Fa la la la laa laa laa laa la…. ‘Tis the season to feast and eat… Fa la la la laa laa laa laa la. 1,042 more words


Zen and The Art of DIY Butchering

Been putting this old butcher’s block to work this season. Nothing like putting on some tunes and breaking down game animals; It completes the hunting process and opens up an entirely new realm of hunting to geek out over. 79 more words

Meat 101

Princess Jane

Jane is in a no holds barred, girly, princess, ballerina phase.

She refuses to wear anything but dresses and skirts.

She begs for makeup and nail polish. 45 more words

update on the HUGE MEAT

I sliced about 12 chops and ended up with a huge roast and some bits i’ll probable grind up for sausage or dumpling filling? I salt and peppered it and warmed up my iron skillet in the broiler then very carefully placed it in the hot pan turned it once or twice until it was just right. 114 more words

How To Save Money