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The Culling Of A Duck

No witty titles here, I didn’t want anyone to meander onto the blog and now know what this post was about.  There are no pictures except for the finished product.   1,339 more words

Nov.16th,butchering time

No sewing today ,I’ll post on that another day. It is butchering time again.. colder weather, deer hunting,and pork only mean one thing…Sausage and deer bologna . 269 more words


Butchering my chickens (Not pets kids)

(Graphic contents)

Over the weekend here on the Baird Homestead it was once again harvest time for the chickens. It’s not something I look forward to and is something sometimes I put off for a little while longer even though I know I shouldn’t. 534 more words

Slaughtering Pigs Today

Today begins the annual pig slaughter at my home. It is always a momentous occasion. Of its many unforgettable moments I think my favorite is when the pig’s carcass has been split in half lengthwise, and laid out on our antique oak butcher board. 250 more words

Butchering Chicken is Un-Photogenic, but Frugal!

So here’s the deal, folks. I was super inspired by the tutorial on butchering your own chicken over at Don’tWasteTheCrumbs that I thought, “man, I’ll bet I can do that no problem! 493 more words


Freezer Overflow

Perhaps this is not an issue you deal with personally. My husband and I are mostly meat hunters and are not going to burn a tag during hunting season just because the antlers were smaller than the Jones’. 419 more words

Things Gotta Change...

Hello everyone!  Sooo….. It’s been awhile….How ya been?….. Yeah….

Anyway, now that the awkward silence is broken, here’s where things stand around here:

I now have 8 purebred (with pedigrees even!) Satins in the rabbitry, as well as 4 Jersey Woolies and our original meat mutts.   354 more words

Life Happenings