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Lessons learned in keeping chickens

I have not had chickens for a year yet only 8 months, but have learned quite a bit over the last few months. The things we have learned has surmounted any knowledge I think I ever learned in such a short period of time. 1,287 more words

Reverence and Frugality

A Chopped Liver Love Story

I had been looking forward to the day in class when we would learn to break down poultry.  My chef’s knife felt minuscule next to the giant bird in front of me.  1,040 more words

Curing Ham (sort of)

Just like with the bacon, ham is made with the pink salt which has nitrates in it.  I wanted to try it without the nitrates, and as the video I used says: it’s a really good roast pork leg,  but it’s not ham.   193 more words


Tenderloin 101

Gigi and Papa love beef, especially steak. Our budget doesn’t always mean we can go out to a nice restaurant to get a great steak, and it’s kind of a “crap shoot” buying steaks, even out of a trusted butcher’s case. 887 more words


Carving a Whole Pig into the Smaller Cuts

I went into all the detail of what I was up to yesterday, so I’ll just go into what today’s project was.  Cutting the pig into smaller, useable cuts.   477 more words


Carving a Whole Pig into the Primal Cuts

We had ordered a whole pig to roast, but didn’t get to roast it.  Now we have a whole pig that we needed to butcher and process ourselves, so I get to learn how to butcher.   518 more words


"The Butcher" by Jennifer Hillier - This Novel Could Bloody Your Mind!

Edward Shank, the retired Chief of the Seattle Police Department had been a widower for four months when he decided he no longer needed to live in the house he had lived in most of his married life with his wife, Marisol.  328 more words