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#789 - Sir Mix-a-Lot Would Not Care for Me

I have the flattest ass in the world. And yet, I appear to have lost some of it.

Sketch A Day

Sofia Vergara Dice Que Tiene Un Fondillo Precioso

MIRA EL VIDEO!!!! La barranquillera y súper actriz Sofía Vergara dice que tiene tremendo fondillo y tal parece que esto lo ha dicho para promover su sesión de fotos que fue publicada en la revista “Women’s Health”.


No Gym Needed

Bicycle Buffer

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind head. Squat, then stand, lifting left knee across body (as shown) toward right elbow at center. Return to start. 11 more words

A Curvy Girls Journey

OK OK - Well my arse is coming along although not nearly as FAST as I would like - I am getting Risque!!

OK darlings – in my British Accent, how the hell are we doing today?  I have not quite got the hang of belfies (selfie of the butt) or focusing the Camera.   149 more words

Talk about raining on my Parade.

So today I went to pick up my 10 year old from school.  His P.E. teacher comes running up to me and says, “I hear you are doing Crossfit, Good for you.”  I said, “Yes, why thank you.”  She said, “Can I give you some advice?”   Me, “Oh, of course.”  She said, “Wear as many bare armed clothes as you can now.   231 more words