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Workout - Legs & butt: Back kick

Legs & butt: Back kick

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, fists up. Lift left foot, bend knee, lift thigh parallel to floor; look over left shoulder. 17 more words


Battle Of The Booties: Which Celebrity Has the Biggest Butt

We have the measurements and results right here! Find out once and for all who has the biggest booty in Hollywood!

The celebrity with the biggest butt with hip to waist ratio is: 45 more words


Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic: Ladies, How Do You Feel When A Guy Grabs Your Butt in a Club? Guys, Why do you do that?

Good googly mooglyy, that thang is juicy! But does that mean you can just grab it?  Ladies, how do you feel when a guy grabs your butt in the club? 36 more words


No Gym Needed

Lunge Hop

Lunge to right, reaching left fingertips to floor, right arm back (as shown) to start. Shift weight to left foot and jump, driving right knee up, reaching left arm overhead, right arm down. 27 more words

A Curvy Girls Journey

Month 1 Progress

I have been working out consistently 3 days a week over the past month and I have actually managed to lose a few pounds. I have been running for cardio about 2 km every time (I have asthma so this a major accomplishment for me). 41 more words

The Touch

As usual, my nose was assaulted first. She squirmed in my grasp, as I suspended her in the air. “Stay still!” Speaking out loud caused the need to breathe in more air. 134 more words


My arse with better light and not blurry as of today ..hideous

Well the other photo was pretty blurry so I was told better light would help so this morning a more light pic was taken ..it’s sharper and shows my old arse flaws and all. ¬† 54 more words