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Nieuwste Behandeling Promises sexy billen net als Kim Kardashian

In Amerika is er een behandeling voor memperkencang kont te kijken sexy. Zorg werd genoemd Tip Top Tush, verkrijgbaar bij home-based plastisch chirurg in New York met dank aan Dr Matthew Schulman. 244 more words


You Won't Believe How Many Things This Guy Stuffed Up His Butt! [PIC]

This guy was going to visit a prison and thought he’d sneak some stuff in to the prisoners. He was nervous and refused to go through the metal detector and that’s when police recovered: 2 cell phones, 2 batteries, a pair of pliers, 2 drill bits, 8 small hacksaws, 5 nails and 3  SIM cards FROM HIS BUTT! 81 more words


Butt workout

The bigger the butt the better. Big muscular juicy butt has no enemies. Here we go!


The "Booty Booster"! Exclusively firms the Booty

2500 women polled “Name the one part of your body you would improve, the vast majority replied “my butt”.  The gluteus Maximus is such a large muscle, exercises including squats, lunges and thrusts fail to tax or activate the gluteal muscles. 7 more words