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Battle for the Bestest Booty in NYC

After trimming the fat off the competition to a measly 13 asses, Lexington Plastic Surgeons will be crowning *key echo effect* THE BEST ASS OF NYC. 358 more words


When Butt Crack Attacks: A Definitive Guide

Have you ever left the house wearing something but didn’t quite fit you? This happened to me the other day… it was on kind of an important day where I see lots of people, and I was in my car didn’t realize that I was wearing a shirt that was wayyyy too short. 900 more words


January 29: Fondue + exercise = bad idea

It rained all day today so we stayed indoors, watched tennis and High Fidelity, cooked this awesome spinach and feta pie, and generally mooched around. 203 more words


Just Thursday

This is the text conversation between my husband and I yesterday afternoon.

Husband – Apparently, to a 13 year old, they cannot control giggling every time someone talks about the planet Uranus… 145 more words

'How low can you go?' Here's how Cosmo's empowering women this Valentine's Day [photo]

Remember Cosmo Feminism™? You’re lookin’ at it:

Not Sure What to Get Him For Valentine's Day? How About a Chocolate Butthole http://t.co/g9h8QGOrQN pic.twitter.com/1wWUrx5xRc

— Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) …

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Thirsty Gardens - that Water Element

Leonardo da Vinci is credited with the statement : Water is the driving force of all nature.

Water is certainly on our minds at Homestead this month. 657 more words

Shoulders Trainning

Patrícia Carla working her shoulders.