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Prawns with fennel, butter beans & almonds cooked in fino sherry

Still on a healthkick and looking for further flavour inspiration… This time my attention turns to Spain. Using fino sherry is really key to creating an authentic flavour here. 297 more words


Spicy chicken and chorizo stew

I like to plan my meals for the week because I hate letting things go to waste.  I like making sure that I use everything that I buy. 378 more words


Olive accompli + penne with garden pesto

Last night I finally wrapped up my olive curing adventure, with some success I’d say.

The olives were holy-shit-salty because some were also cured by tightly packing them in salt and being left to drip. 207 more words

'Giant Beans' - Yígantes

One of the classics in the repertoire of Greek dishes is the gloriously named ‘giant beans’ – or ‘yígantes’. This wonderfully simple dish of oven-baked butter beans is never served as a main course on its own; it is always served as a side dish, or as one of the staples of the mezé selection. 468 more words


Butter beans salad: simple, quick, nutritious

This salad can be put together in 5 minutes and can be eaten alone, with some bread and butter or as part of a vegan meal accompanied by quinoa or brown rice. 88 more words

Butter Beans

Chunky Bacon, Butterbean and Tomato Soup

Not entirely in keeping with the wonderful weather we had at the weekend but I made this bacon, butterbean and tomato soup last week as part of my money saving/pre wedding/pre holiday regime of not buying lunch out, thus saving cash and knowing what’s actually in my lunch. 167 more words

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