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Guilt and Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Tonight Nicholas begged for Chic-fil-a…so I agreed. He sat and ate chicken nuggets and drank chocolate milk–I had his fruit side and an unsweet tea and forced myself to ignore the fried rice to my right in the food court…After having a cold pressed juice and a salad for lunch I could not ruin it with dinner! 301 more words

Triple Berry Pie

When it comes to quintessential summer desserts, my mind immediately jumps to pie. Full of fresh, seasonal fruit that turns deliciously soft and juicy, encased by a flaky, buttery pie-crust, what better way is there to end a barbecue? 496 more words


Iowa Sweet Corn

This has got to be the #1 easiest recipe I’ve ever put out there for you all.  Iowa Sweet Corn is the best thing going, if you ask me.  502 more words

Nana's Butter Cookies Version 2.0

Sorry, Nana, I’m jacking up your butter cookies!  (But only a little.)

Very unlike my usual modus operandi, these are not a healthier version (fact: grandma’s cookies are meant to be special treats. 395 more words