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The Day

There is a blog post sitting inside of me, aching to get out.  It wants to be a detailed acknowledgement of the many wonderful things that happen in my day, from the way the morning sunlight transforms a room into rich colors and textures, to the heavenly aroma of toasting rye bread, to the satisfying hum of a washing machine effortlessly cleaning my clothes…. 306 more words

My Lady Chanworths receipt for Jumballs

It’s high time that we talk about jumballs. We were initially mystified by the moniker, but jumballs are a classic early modern treat: A rich, satisfying, highly-spiced, shortbread cookie. 758 more words

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What the heck are Jumballs? Cooking in the Archives has an answer and apparently it is delicious. Jumballs are "a rich, satisfying, highly-spiced, shortbread cookie." They had me at "cookie." In this post they cooked up "My Lade Chansworth" recipe for Jumballs. They point out that these cookies go quite well with their previous recipe Italian Cheese. Good stuff.

Paul Hollywoods Great British Bake off technical challenge - Kouign Amann

Along with the rest of the nation, my family and I watched The Great British Bake Off, September 17th episode. This featured a technical challenge that required a certain degree of skill in even pronouncing the item they were baking! 307 more words


Does Mixing Oil and Butter Really Alter the Smoke Point?

I’ve heard chef’s on TV and in books say that combining both oil and butter in a skillet when you sauté lets you heat the butter to a higher temperature without smoking.

17 more words
Tips And Tricks

The Most Beneficial Types of Bread

Of course we all love sandwiches and toast … and bread is a staple part of most of our diet.  What we do want to do, as with all of the fuel we put into our bodies is aim for those with the best nutritional values.   123 more words


The basics - White Sauce aka Béchamel

We have covered the base of most Italian sauces, soffritto. Now we can talk about one of the staples of French Cuisine, which is widely used in Italian Cuisine also, Béchamel sauce. 435 more words


Broiled Fish with Butter & Lemon

How to get the fish cooked nicely without the skin (the best part) going all flobby?
This way please….

Broiled Fish

2-4 Fish Fillets (Trout or Salmon) 133 more words

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