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Body Butters

I want all of these!!! They all smell amazing😍😍😍


Gotta love Crock Pot recipes! Here’s one for CHEESY BACON HASHBROWNS. It’s basically the best. EVER. You just mix everything in your slow cooker and let it do its thing. 148 more words


FOOD: Insanely Delicious Chocolate-Toffee-Pretzel Bark

Normally I ignore recipe posts on Facebook, but for some reason I opened this one and thought “huh – I might be willing to risk ruining a bag of chocolate chips for this”. 423 more words


Extra chocolate birthday cake

•Extra chocolate birthday cake

Yesterday we had a birthday in home.I was thinking a lot for the perfect cake.And finally i decided to do something extra chocolate.I used dark chocolate,milk chocolate,dark muscovado and white sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder.The result was yummy yummy yummy.It was enough for 14 pieces.And everybody liked it so much,they enjoyed every choc bite.As I did.I must tell you that this is one of the sweetest cakes I have ever done, but nothing prevents you то eat something sweeter than usual.(Really worth it)! 488 more words


Holiday Traditions

November challenge #3 for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolutionaries: ‘Holiday Traditions’.  I instantly imagined this as a bit of a montage as I’m completely smitten with all things Christmas. 424 more words

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

The turkey is in!

It’s been seasoned, buttered, and shoved in the almost too small roasting pan (remember, it’s a big bird).

Photos courtesy of my dad. I had turkey hands.

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