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Recipe: Omelette


3 eggs

That’s it, nothing else. Just three eggs

Oh yes, salt. A pinch of salt.

But that’s all.

Salt and eggs.

Oh, a knob of butter too. 580 more words


Recipe: Beurre blanc


250g butter (the best you can get. Unsalted of course)

150g – 200g shallots

20cl white wine

10cl white wine vinegar

10-20cl cream (very optional) 363 more words


Recipe: Purée de pomme de terre - mashed potato


1 kilo floury potatoes

250g-500g butter (yes, half a kilo)

250ml-500ml milk (basically you want your milk and butter together to weigh half what the potatoes weigh) 831 more words


No big fat surprise that butter is being touted as the next Superfood

Why, oh why must we take everything to the extreme? Is it because simple healthy eating is boring? We have to have “clean eating”, “superfoods”, “low-fat”, “low-carb”, “cleanses”, “high-protein”, yada yada. 381 more words

Slow-cooked Chicken Kheema (Mince)

Chicken kheema or chicken mince slow-cooked in aromatic spices is a great comfort food. My husband is a kheema-fanatic which is why I love cooking it for him. 294 more words


Acciughe Sotto Sale

I missed out for years on the wonders of the anchovy. It was always something that I turned my nose up at, and culturally I feel like all American kids were trained, in my day, to think anchovies were the most disgusting things on earth. 362 more words