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The Worst Commercials Currently on TV (Part 2)

Hey Everybody! I’m not dead! I know that most of you were probably worried, and maybe some of you were hoping it to be true. I’ll even bet that some of you were a little disappointed that you didn’t get to do the job yourself. 2,459 more words


90s foods that don't exsist anymore

It was the 90s that I developed my obsession for sugary snacks and junk food. While I try to eat healthier today, I still reward myself when I feel deserving…or just really need something sweet. 413 more words


Frozen Banana Fun

Spring is here!! Well kinda…regardless, I’m optimistic that we will feel warm again soon and I have already started pulling out my spring/summer recipes. Being lactose intolerant I have missed out on being able to eat all of the fun ice cream flavors this world has to offer. 656 more words


Butterfinger and an Organic Cava

Friends and family are now offering suggestions by the dozens and this week’s was a doozy– Butterfinger! The candy is deservedly lauded as the ultimate sugary snack– it almost disapeared from my kitchen’s pantry before I even had a chance to bake with it. 355 more words


Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups Are a THING!

Life is really hard right now. I gave up Candy Crush for Lent and all I can think about is candy!

Granted, I can still eat it, but it’s not the same! 221 more words

Food Rules!

Good Mawnin

I saw a couple of over-riped bananas on the table the other day that I felt I just have to do something before it lands somewhere in the garden(as fertilizers for my crops). 203 more words


My Worst Nightmare!

Zelda’s adventure was a bit of a bummer today. The week started off with a bang and I was still on cloud nine over yesterday’s worldly adventure. 734 more words