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My Butterfly Garden, Supporting the Monarch Butterfly!

When I lived in Illinois two of my granddaughters came for the summer.  We did a lot of fun things but one thing that I really enjoyed was gathering Monarch butterfly eggs and bringing them home to watch them hatch, 478 more words

Urban Farming

台灣蝴蝶生態遊 (1)

八月應好友的邀請,參加了一個台灣蝴蝶生態拍攝自由行…  出門前才發覺自己器材和技術都不入流,剛好八月Nikon School有一蝴蝶攝影班,於是臨急抱佛腳,報名學習,又在出發前兩天買了一只微鏡,膽粗粗的上路!






夢... 想... 行...

Clouded Sulphur

Strange as it seems, I have been seeing more butterflies in the waning days of summer than I did at its height. I think that this little beauty, which I spotted on Monday at my local marshland park, is a Clouded Sulphur butterfly ( 8 more words


Encounter with a Painted Lady

I ran into a painted lady yesterday in a meadow at my local marshland park. No, I did not have a secret rendezvous with a tattooed female, but a chance encounter with this beauty, a Painted Lady butterfly ( 33 more words


Changing light

As this Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly (Speyeria cybele) moved about on a flower, the light hit it in different ways, beautifully illuminating its colorful wings. 8 more words