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Fizz . . . A Time to Play

Fizz is such a joy! If she could speak I think her words would go something like this: Wake up eager to start a brand new day. 55 more words

Digital Art


WGTF-Weekly go through Friday means that every Friday there will be a go through of my week, where I share with you the things I’ve been up to, and stuff like that. 154 more words


Butterflies and Bubbles

I decided to give I’ve Never Seen A Beautiful Witch by Different Dimension another try (especially after how easy Cranfairy was to work with). I was, yet again, disappointed. 132 more words

Nail Art


My son loves bugs. All bugs. He is fascinated!

There was a clump of ragwort outside of nursery with tens of cinnabar moth caterpillars on recently…but the ragwort was cut down. 543 more words


The Butterflies (and snail) at Changi Airport in Singapore

Waiting in the airport for your next flight can be a dull and tiring experience. But if you’re at Changi Airport, you can make time pass a little quicker by visiting the butterfly garden. 98 more words


The Colours of Summer

Summer brought a sea of a yellow dandelion-like flower, the Autumn Hawkbit, to the meadow while the area around the sand pit is purple with Heather, Rosebay Willowherb and Knapweed. 106 more words

Jarring Thoughts

I store compliments in my head, collecting them like fireflies in a jar.

They’re not for me, they’re not mine. They’re for other people, and because I’m too shy to say them out loud, they die of lack of oxygen. 1,415 more words