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Fabiane is 16!

Happy Birthday to my 2 day younger twin, FabiFri!!

Sunday, April 6, was the wonderful Fabiane Friden’s 16th birthday, so obviously we had to celebrate! That morning Max and Ben came over for a delicious birthday breakfast of homemade crepes. 230 more words


A Very Warm Winter

Global warming?!?!?!

I don’t understand much of global warming, but it sure it getting hotter and hotter in Santa Barbara. We are used to around a 60 degree winter, which I rarely saw in our beautiful city this year. 251 more words


Summertime Approaching

Although Santa Barbara didn’t have much of a winter, there is a definite change in the air as the end of the school year draws closer. 161 more words

Santa Barbara

Blazing Days

This weekend, Santa Barbara reached record temperatures of over 80°F! Needless to say, it was a scorcher. And since it was so ridiculously hot, Shane, Max, Isaiah, and I took advantage of the perfect conditions and went to the beach! 202 more words


A Summer Tease

This Saturday was one of the hottest days Santa Barbara has had in a very long time, too long of a time. It was the perfect day, it totally felt like Summer, and most of the day I thought it actually was. 236 more words


Santa Barbara Storm??

This weekend was one of the most unusual, unlike Santa Barbara weekends. We had a storm for once! Yet it wasn’t necessarily a good thing, considering it caused tons and tons of damage. 248 more words

Music In Environments

Formal Friday: Rain or Shine

It is not everyday that it rains in Santa Barbara, especially since we have been in a drought for quite a while. But finally, this past Friday, we were blessed with a major storm that continued over the whole weekend, even though I usually prefer sun over rain, it was a nice break from the constant heat. 428 more words