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Challenge Accepted.

My grandmother has a woman’s only brunch. Today is the day, my friends.

I feel a bit Bah Humbug about the holidays currently. We are coming up on the year anniversary of my Dad’s death. 142 more words

Beavis and ButtHead Do America Methods

Can you think of any other truly iconic t shirts?

The AC/DC t-shirt is the go to shirt of choice for rockers all around the world. 269 more words

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Does anyone remember how ridiculous music was in the 90s?

This song popped in my head the other night and all I could think was, “What the fuck? How was this a hit at one point?”  The 90s were a crazy time. 37 more words


How would YOU like to help a brotha out???

Would YOU like to see Dave Tadros Has a Blog BOOM? Then you’ve got to spread the word! If you like what I have to say and you like how I say it, why not share this page on Twitter? 264 more words


The Daleks - Season One, Story Two

WhOddysseus says:

Clue Bell Ring

  • There are more rooms than the one shown in the first story arc on TARDIS.
  • I now know how they eat via future machines that make food bars with multiple tastes.
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About the Wiggles

Lately, my son has been enamored with this show on Sprout called “The Wiggles.”  Ah, fatherhood…

To describe it in terms of my skeptical point of view, it’s a bunch of jumping beans that dance and sing kids songs.  239 more words