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That Delete Button.

Have you ever attempted to just delete someone out of your life? Because I have tried to so many times, but I failed each time. I feel like if I hit that delete button, I’m going to end up needing that undo button because I can never completely wipe someone out of my life. 332 more words


Disliking the Idea of a Dislike Button

Ahhhh the good old Facebook debate… Should there be a “dislike” button?

Bret Taylor is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook has made it clear that there will never be a dislike button. 177 more words

Gold Replacement Kit Xbox 360 Controller Shell + Button Parts

XBOX 360 Board Games | Gold Replacement Kit Xbox 360 Controller Shell + Button Parts

Give your Xbox 360 controller a fresh new look
This is an AEM controller replacement shell… 24 more words

Teaching the skills: Dress self, Part 2

While the kid is playing with velcro, the parent can prepare his next lesson in, say, buttoning up the shirt, or trousers, or tying shoelaces, or putting zipper ends together… There are so many things to learn for a toddler in the art of dressing up we’ll probably never get around to teaching them, but we suppose the child will pick them up anyway, or ask how it’s done. 369 more words


Project STG: Suzo Too Good Part 2: Button Selection

Continuing from Part 1¬†of the STG arcade stick log… While I wait patiently for the custom Suzo 500 shaft highlighted from the last post, let’s move on to another key aspect of the arcade stick hardware: the buttons. 665 more words

3D Model