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Vegetable Ivory!

Vegetable Ivory is certainly a strange name, isn’t it? Especially considering that Vegetable Ivory buttons are made from neither vegetable or ivory! It’s actually a nut that comes from a palm tree in South America! 116 more words


How to Change the Menu Buttons of the VBS (Viral Blogging System)

How to Change the Menu Buttons of the VBS (Viral Blogging System) The Empower Network VBS (Viral Blogging System) is a blogging tool that is very easy to use… even easier to use than the average word processor.   146 more words

Phobass PCB Success!

Well! Even after a bit of a dodgy design, I’m happy to say that the PCB’s have quite good success! I’ve now linked up the menu and mainboard PCB and have got the menu successfully working! 86 more words

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

These hair clips may look small, but they pack a big punch! Vintage beauties, bright colors, from green sherbet to lemon zest! A great pop of color to any outfit!

Price: 2.50 each OR . . . 5 for 10.50


New Sign

I was delighted to receive a parcel today! It was a sign made by Button Heart Crafts. It was beautifully packaged in purple tissue paper (my favourite colour) and bubble wrap! 87 more words