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The Butt of the Joke

Butts slammed the front door. His father put down the paper.

“Hey champ, how was your first day of school?”

Tears streaked the boy’s face. “They made fun of my name! 60 more words

The Nicki Minaj GQ Interview in 19 Bullets

Intermittently respectable lad mag GQ recently published an interview with Nicki Minaj. It’s terribly done, and there are no circumstances under which you should read it. 543 more words

Pop Culture

Here's How One Enterprising Woman Tricked Reddit Users Into Masturbating To Her Husband's Butt

I’ve personally never visited /r/gonewild, the seedy underbelly of Reddit’s subreddits, but I’ve heard the tales of depravity and horror that are to be found there. 285 more words

Web Culture


There are so many popular songs right now that are all about that booty. I’m all for women loving their bodies, big butts or not, but there is another trend. 422 more words


Nihilism is Not Dead


“Nihilism is Dead” by Robert Zaretsky
The name of the article seems to be used ironically rather than seriously. A joke for those already familiar with philosophy, and a seemingly unintentionally sardonic counterpoint to Zaretsky’s main idea. 406 more words


United We Stand: 10 Things I Love About My Country #10: Art & Fashion

FINALLY! I disappeared down a rabbit hole of wedding invite calligraphy and lice removal (unrelated) and haven’t been able to blog as prolifically as I’d like, but the invites are out, and the lice are contained (or at least, I desperately hope they’re contained now) so I can turn my attention to the last topic in our 10 Things I Love About My Country: Art and Fashion. 2,418 more words

They've got big butts and they cannot lie...

This week I have been fascinated. I think the title to the post gave it away. I have been fascinated by butts. Not in a sexy way. 193 more words