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Buns Are For Real: An Astounding Story Of Heaven And Butts

If ever I have my own Burpo moment, I imagine I’ll find things are similar up there in heaven to how they are down here. Well, maybe a few things will be different. 719 more words

joke butts

Lawyers deserve to be the butt of jokes. No buts about it.


Addicted to fuel

It has been known for a while that in order to improve the environment, we have to move away from fossil fuels. 

In order to sustain the earth we have to cut our addiction and move on to something that is not going to harm the planet we live on. 213 more words

Monday Bum's Day #12 Perfect Physique

Good morning, everyone and thank you for joining me today for a lovely bum. The kind of bum that must have taken years of squats and lunges to achieve, the kind of bum that makes your mouth salivate and your arousal senses tingle. 86 more words

T. A. Grey

Things My Friend Girl and I Are Going to Do When We're Reunited

So I have had a lover since my birthday, January 22. She’s amazing, she flips me off and tells me how much she hates me daily- if not more (and it’s wonderful), sugar is her addiction, she is a whole inch shorter than me, she plays guitar like an angel would play the harp, she SUCKS- is better than me- at mad hot basketball, and she doesn’t understand people’s fascination with butts. 89 more words

Bootiful Days

April 7, 2014


Bunny Bottom Cupcakes



The picture and link above are from a site about how Allie Shellaway made these wonderful Easter cupcakes. I love the idea and picture so much I had to share it with everyone. 16 more words