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What does a "booty call" look like?

I decided to paint a picture of the phrase “booty call.” I heard someone say it and literally pictured butts on the phone or butts waiting on your call. 23 more words


What Does America Prefer...Butts or Boobs? The Results Will SURPRISE You!

Pornhub.com just analyzed its searches to find out whether each state prefers BOOBS or BUTTS . . . and the answer was BUTTS by a landslide. 142 more words


Map Shows "Boobs vs. Butts" Preferences Across the World

PornHub’s team of statisctal analysts have put together these maps showing the world’s favorite body parts. ¬†Obviously, the “butts vs. boobs” argument is the most important. ¬† 23 more words


[Brackettes - Samira @Mrshotwifex] PART TWO

Samira (@MrsHotWifeX) was so well liked by the readers here on the site, that we created a second gallery for her this week… Enjoy!!!

@Mrshotwifex… 23 more words


It's Official: America Likes Butts More Than Breasts-Even Texas

A new study shows that the United States loves butts more than they do breasts.

The study basically shows that everyone except Russia and Australia love butts. 22 more words