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Day 285: Scavengers

I think my wife isn’t on message with not buying anything. Don’t get me wrong, she’s all good with not actually buying anything, she hasn’t either (even though my commitment is only that… my commitment, it doesn’t extend to our family). 348 more words

small steps

Moving to the new place we had some complications getting internet set up so we started signing out movies from the library. As such it seemed buying a dvd player would be a good move. 221 more words


Day 244: Two-Thirds Down and Thoughts Turn to Next Year

Two-thirds of the way down, and I feel just fine, in fact more than just fine. I’ve become so comfortable in my buynothing skin that it just seems like it was an inevitable accomplishment (so much so that it was rather a non-accomplishment). 387 more words

Five for Fun

1. There is a dog in my house, and he just might end up being ours. We’ve been giving a lot of thought to adding a four-legged member to our family, but both my cat allergy and my father’s rodent-loathing have narrowed our choices considerably. 325 more words