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Book Report: Women In Clothes

What’s The Buzz?: Well for one thing, September is kind of when the fashion industry explodes upon itself. With the heartiest issues of fashion mags hitting the stands, clothing and fall wardrobes are on the minds of many. 959 more words

Dress You Up In My Love

Buy The Book: “How to Hire A-Players” by Eric Herrenkohl

Recruiting IT professionals has never been more challenging. The demand for solid performers is increasing while the skill set becomes more difficult for an individual to acquire, leading to a serious deficit of available talent. 442 more words


Chasing Signs

There is not one person walking this earth that hasn’t said to themselves “that must have been a sign” at least once in their lives. There are people who say it everyday, multiple times a day even. 243 more words

Spoken By A True Evangelist

Instead of a book review

Hello, everyone!

Today is supposed to be a book review day but, as you can see, this is not one. I’m sorry, I just haven’t managed to get one written yet. 526 more words


Just Roll With It

What It Is: Calling all wannabe sushi chefs! Let me tell you, I’ve read a book on what it takes to become a sushi chef and dear me it is a LOT of work. 185 more words

Flash Post

Book Report: Mãn

What’s The Buzz?: Kim Thúy is a Vietnamese-Canadian author who has already packed a serious literary punch with her debut novel, Ru, which was both Giller Prize-nominated and a winner of the French Language Governor General’s Literary Award. 795 more words

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