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Shameless (semi) Self Promotions: Laura

My Wife is amazing! There are very few things she can not do well. Listen I could go on all night about how great she is, so instead let me show you. 81 more words

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Our first of many Shameless Self Promotions: Masks by Frazer

What is the point of having a podcast and a website if you can’t use it to promote other things you’re doing?… exactly!

In the future I will share, without shame, links to some of our talented friends but for right now it’s all about us! 68 more words

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So Deep.

This masque is a skin saver! And by the way you are all welcome!
This little pot of painful (only for a second) heaven… Makes my face feel so amazing that if I could kiss myself… 127 more words

Color Cables To The Rescue Of The Lost (And Dull) OEM...

Normally, I’d say something silly like “Power cables are a dime a dozen” here, but as anyone who owns an already expensive device knows… that’s just not true. 210 more words


The Perfect Undershirt

There are few things more frustrating than trying to find a well-fitting undershirt. I have a friend who still maintains a collection of ratty old shirts (no longer made) more than a decade old just because he hasn’t found a replacement. 313 more words

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Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Finale)

Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

These are good books and you should read them. The final book in the series holds up its end of the bargain and keeps you reading. 287 more words

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Rdio Is My Favorite Streaming Music Service

I was an early adopter to Spotify. I loved it, told everyone about it and even became a subscriber (mostly to get rid of those awful ads). 310 more words