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BDS prefers the hungry to stay hungry rather than receive Israeli food

The Sussex Friends of Israel, a brilliant British grassroots anti-BDS organization, have come up with a brilliant initiative: IsrAction Day on 21st December, as posted on their facebook page: 526 more words

Boycotts And BDS

Human Rights. What does comfort cost?

Recently I have become intrigued by General Motor’s efforts to rebrand themselves in the wake of beginning the largest recall in automotive history this year. They aren’t rebranding, through a new slogan, but through changing their image by promoting the first ever female CEO in the car industry… 544 more words

For happy health, fuel yourself with dreams and greens...and possibly not GMOs?

Yesterday, I visited Grasshopper Restaurant with three friends to try out their prix-fixe menu for Veggielicious, a Toronto foodie event akin to Winterlicious and… 865 more words