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Lab Says it Makes D Flawless Diamonds, But Does it? (reposted from IDEX online)

We get many questions about lab created diamonds vs. cubic zirconia…

Please shop carefully…We have always been up-front with our customers that we sell cubic zirconia jewelry-rated 3A and 5A. 18 more words

Cubic Zirconia Facts!

Ownership Matters: Buyer Beware!

Did you read the Terms and Conditions?

It’s no secret that Terms and Conditions are subject to change. When you buy licensed content online—whether it’s music, movies, or some other media—your access to that content is always at risk. 304 more words


Telemarketers and Scammers need to get a real life...........

Telemarketers and Spammers are getting real crafty in the way they get your attention these days, they try to come across as the IRS or even as law enforcement, just to get your attention and force you to give them your hard earned money. 622 more words

Buyer Beware: Chemicals Are Everywhere

I recently ran into another business in a long line of businesses claiming that all of their products are chemical-free.  Their product line includes many of the products that I make as well, and I know with great confidence that they are not, in fact, chemical-free. 202 more words


Selective Sparkle: Holiday Jewelry Gifting Guide Part 2

Okay folks, I’m back with another Q&A session to help along your seasonal shopping! Today’s questions focus on some useful information to keep in mind when shopping so you don’t end up on some morning television’s Buyer Beware feature. 1,190 more words

Buyer Beware: Our New Blog Series Highlights Excesive Medical Products

Many alleged Fertility Aids are heavily marketed to men and women claiming to assist in expediting the time to conception. Based on the particular product, its effectiveness may vary, and the cost can be substantial. 503 more words

Fertility Medicine

Buyer Beware: Sonic Boom? More like Sonic Cheeks

Don’t be fooled by flashy moves, and a buff echidna. Sega has been on a roller coaster of making two or three good games (Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors); and then releasing what seems to be one of the messiest releases for Sega in 2014. 30 more words