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What's Summer without Clean Rims?

I am one of those people that believes cleaning your car is an art-form, and it is probably one of my few unique skills. I have obsessive compulsive tendencies that make cleaning my car something interesting and worth getting right – that, plus maybe some kind of pride in car ownership. 474 more words


Taken for a ride...almost

Carbon Addiction received a pretty disturbing email yesterday from regular follower Luigi about an Australian bike shop (name supplied) which apparently tried to pass off a resprayed demo frame to him as a new – and at $8,000+ very expensive – road bike recently. 817 more words



George Otieno > Buyer Beware – Kenya
Broad daylight theft. Do you know that when
leasing a shop or office in Nairobi you pay
all the costs? 183 more words

I'm Extremely Upset That I Just Discovered This (Definitely Worth a Read)

So let me start by saying that I am a personal trainer and will soon have my certification as a nutritionist (Thanks ISTA!). But I’ve slowly realized that there are actually quite a few people who don’t have access to trainers or nice gyms nor do they have the money to pay for the services that a trainer can provide. 392 more words




I’m so so so so so so to infinity judgmental!  I don’t know if this is a personal problem or a woman problem or a humanity problem, but I really need to take the log out of my own eye before I take the speck out of my neighbor’s eye. 217 more words

Bible Study

How Many Slaves Work For You?

Since product transparency is basically non existing it is very hard to know if the products you are buying and the brands you are trusting use slave labor at any time of the production of a certain item. 136 more words