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Every Angel

If something seems to good to be true it almost certainly is, always look a gift horse in the mouth unless you much care if it has teeth or not, and remember you can’t cheat an honest man. 64 more words

Never be a Mark, always look a every angle

My New Website and New Listing!


The launch of my new website is finally here! I am so happy to be able to offer this additional service to my clients and anyone else that is interested in the real estate market. 150 more words

Real Estate

Buying Books

When you enter a Barnes and Noble bookstore, the feeling you get is relaxing and soothing. Surrounded by all those words, ready to sweep you in and fall in love with fictional characters that you will end up laughing and crying over (or both at the same time). 274 more words


Rates & Prices on the Rise, Do You Know the True Cost of Waiting?

Call Karen 208-871-6436 | http://www.boisehousingmarket.com for more information.

We, at KCM, have often broken down the opportunity that exists now for Millennials who are willing and able to purchase a home NOW… Here are a couple other ways to look at the cost of waiting. 325 more words

How To Have A Smooth Real Estate Transaction

Real estate can be scary.  The thought of buying or selling or browsing is enough to keep you up at night and give you strange dreams.  373 more words

Real Estate