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Answering your questions: A glimpse into what makes it so hard to trade sometimes

Trading cars always has challenges and the shorter the time period you have had your car, the more difficult it becomes. The factors that affect the value of your car aren’t really any different, it’s just that the values typically drop the most over the first few years. 1,090 more words


Virtual Economies

This video examines what virtual economies are, how they affect real world people and economies, and the potential future of these virtual economies. Virtual economies are economies that live within videogames, whether local or online, such as MMORGP’s, and affect the experience of the game. 226 more words

Buying when there are Multiple other Buyers Competing for the same HOME

In Today’s Market it seems there are a lot of Homes Selling with multiple offers.  For September the number of listings were down 1.3% and the number of sales were up 4%.   23 more words


Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Home?

What three things should you ask yourself before buying a home? Click here to read the entire article.

Relax...There's an Alternative

Is the stock market keeping you up at night?  Are you consuming more antacids than ever before?  Are the ups and downs causing more stress than you want or need?  204 more words


5 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness, Backed by Science

The old saying that money can’t buy happiness? Not true, it turns out. But you have to spend strategically if you expect the Benjamins to put a smile on your face. 438 more words

Selling Clothes

As of today, we will be helping models sell gently used clothing. Please email prismaticfashion@gmail.com to learn more about selling or buying clothes through us. Please only inquire about buying clothes that are specifically marked as for sale.