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Selling and staying Merry this Holiday season....

Yes, it’s just now truly winter ~¬†and you really need to sell your home. If you’re in a Buyer’s market, you can and probably will see some “lowball”offers, but homes that are priced right and that are in good ~ and by good I mean great ~¬†condition will be treated with more respect by buyers. 360 more words

Midcoast Maine

Early Christmas present.

My boyfriend has been wanting a DSLR for quite sometime now. 266 more words

Fannie, Freddie taking loans with 3% down again

As I wrote about in an earlier post, things are about to change in the real estate mortgage world. Some say it is not going to have a huge impact, but on those who it does affect, it will have a huge impact. 291 more words


A new accomplishment

For some this might be nothing new but for me this is a first. Up to this point everything I have bought has been on “investment money” – in other words I bought them with my money. 70 more words

Bricklink Store

Materialism Run Amuck

I normally try to avoid the mall at all costs, but recently I had to venture out into the “Prime Shopping Madness” to make some returns. 638 more words

Christmas gift ideas that won't cost the earth

Over the past few years I’ve felt more and more like the commerciality of Christmas as a present-fest has been getting out of hand. I’m not religious, but for me Christmas has always been about far more than presents. 1,224 more words


Reserve Planning In Your HOA: Yield, Safety & Liquidity

In recent years, reserve planning has become a long overdue reality for many older homeowner associations. The boom and bust mentality of deferred maintenance and special assessments has finally been replaced with proper long range planning and funding. 801 more words