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Finally I am sitting and writing my post about the Island of Buyuk ada ..
I came back from my holidays and yes this is probably the only time I didn’t want summer to end.. 208 more words

Exploring Istanbul's urban food system on the Princes' Islands

I’ve started writing for the Miracle of Feeding Cities, a website that explores the urban food system in some of the world’s major cities. The project is supported by the University of Texas at Austin and it is a great initiative that has got me thinking more critically about Istanbul’s food system and the sustainability of our current food practices. 81 more words


Seymen - The Early Years

Well, Seymen and I failed at our 1 goal for the day…we were thinking about trying to leave the house…but it didn’t happen. Instead, we made very bad sleeping choices and slept until 1PM. 534 more words





船はイスタンブールから2種類あり、一つは片道6TL、もう一つは1.5TL. 観光客は6TLの方に乗る人が多く、トルコ人が1.5TLの方を乗ってるイメージが高かった。なぜなら、バスや電車を乗るカードが必要で、短期の中心地に滞在の人は、そのカードを持っていない可能性が高いからかな?と勝手に予想。
乗り心地も普通だし、ただとにかく人が多い。時間差も20分位の差なので、好きな方を乗ればいいと思う。 8 more words