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The Year of the (dead) Goat: astrology and inner Asian sports

Chinese Astrology follows a twelve-year cycle of animals who represent the character of the year ahead, and may have an influence over individuals, based on their own astrological animal, (and all kinds of other factors).  507 more words



 1. Narrative:

Now you’re the center of attention. This, you know now, is a very bad thing. Two or three hundred pumped-up, pissed-off horsement – who can count all these lunatics?

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Redefining Priorities

After more than a year in the field with a technically limited camera (poor or no AF, limited ISO, poor ergonomic), I bought last Summer a Fuji X-T1 with two lenses. 383 more words

Day 10 - Advent Challenge


One of the more gruesome sports available for the modern gentleman is the sport of buzkashi. As the clue suggests, this sport is a horse based sport (similar to polo) where opposing teams aim to drag a decapitated goats carcass into a goal. 356 more words