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Disney Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Action

Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Your favorite Space Ranger will command lots of excited smiles with all his new features. This Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure, featuring the real voice

|11-21-14| & it feels like I'm drowning. . .

| The Body |

Skin | : Chloe – Latte
Eyes | : Bewitched Eyes – Pitch
Hair | CATWA HAIR : Coco

| The Threads | 51 more words

Why Is California Prosecuting a Rapper for Making an Album?

There’s really no witty or amusing way to start this piece, so I’ll get directly to the point: right now, in 2014, in America, a man is facing life in prison because he made a rap album. 1,195 more words


Katniss to the box office rescue?

Where’s a super heroine when you need her?

Lion’s Gate Films LGF lost a bit of its roar Friday, slumping 5% to $33.25 after opening night revenue for its latest potential blockbuster came in lower-than-expected. 169 more words


Searching for Clues — and Closure — in Ian Curtis' and Kurt Cobain's Handwritten Archives

Ian Curtis wrote in all caps, often with a Sharpie. When he wanted to change a word in his lyrics or notes, he’d scratch out his former word choice utterly completely — as if he wanted to erase it from existence. 1,165 more words


Dow 18,345! 13 stocks making it happen

Dow 18,000. It’s not just a dream anymore. If analysts’ price targets are right — the Dow Jones industrial average is on its way to 18,345. 284 more words


'Nothing Has Changed': Searching for a Self in David Bowie's 50 Years of Transformation

When David Bowie looks in the mirror, as he does in the cover art for his career-spanning new three-disc compilation, what does he see? And when David Bowie claims that “nothing has changed,” as he does in the title of that collection, what could he possibly mean? 1,826 more words