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Video Marketing

The next online marketing technique we are going to analyze can be easily proclaimed to be the future of content marketing. This blog post is devoted to Video Marketing. 666 more words


Avon busted for naughty calls in China

The Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday charged Avon Products (AVP) of violating anti-bribery rules where employees allegedly gave Chinese government officials all sorts of gifts. … 383 more words


Poof! 18% of stocks vanish

There are 18% fewer stocks trading today than there were 40 years ago – a dramatic quantification of the fact investors simply have less choice when looking for companies to buy a piece of. 270 more words


Bank stocks rise on Fed tide — for now

Bank stocks rose Wednesday on the Federal Reserve’s signal that it could raise interest rates next year — but no more than the broader market. 233 more words


The 'wrong' Cuba soars 116%

Blame it on overeager traders or mindless trading algorithms. But shares of of a thinly traded penny stock are up 116% apparently just because it has “Cuba” in its name. 127 more words


Bill Ackman takes shot at Herbalife with new video

Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman released an internal Herbalife video that he says proves his allegation of fraud — and predicted the company’s demise in 2015. 325 more words


How to profit from Obama's Cuban hug

Just the thought that a 50-year cold relationship between Cuba and the U.S. might warm up is causing investors to look for a way to profit. 264 more words