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California drought to cause fruit and veggie sticker shock

Prices of fruits and veggies are going up, causing possible sticker shock at the grocery store checkout. Blame one of California’s worst droughts ever for the rising prices. 354 more words


Yellen speaks today, and markets will listen

Janet Yellen, the most powerful banker in the world and the new Federal Reserve chief, delivers a speech Wednesday. Will her words soothe or scare markets? 154 more words


Hot links: Post-tax day, emerging markets, glow-in-the-dark streets

Presumably, your tax dollars are now in Uncle Sam’s hands and you’re free from filling out tax forms for another year. So where does all that money go? 255 more words


Up ... down ... up ... roller coaster ride on Wall Street

Just when it looked as if the stock market was gonna crack this afternoon, the diving market shot back up, and the Dow went back into the black, taking investors on a wild roller-coaster ride. 88 more words


Filing your tax returns? Don't do this...

As millions of Americans faced the nation’s annual tax-filing day Tuesday, Department of Justice officials cited Francis E. Chandler as a negative role model.

Nearly six years ago, the Hawaii man filed a 2007 federal tax return that claimed a $3,969,012 refund based on a claim of interest income and tax withholding of $6,222, 850. 223 more words


Best and worst states for taxes

April 15 seems like as good a day as any to look at where are the best and worst places to live when it comes to paying taxes. 140 more words