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Progress, my new addiction

Progress is addictive!

Once you see results you won’t want to stop.

Want to improve the appearance of your butt? Check out my Pancake to Peach Program… 8 more words


BABA-mania is back: Up 41%

Remember Alibaba (BABA) — the hot Chinese retailer no one had heard of — but everyone wanted to pile into the IPO? The stock is ripping again. 135 more words


Drinking Out Loud

You know that buzz? The one you feel in your hands? The one that makes you see the potential in life. It gives you a feeling of content; bliss even. 251 more words


The Awkward Ménage à Trois of Men, Women, and Music

There he is — across the crowded dance floor, two rows down from you in a college lecture, cracking open a beer at someone’s house party: a cute guy wearing the T-shirt of your favorite band. 1,374 more words


NBC's Promising 'Constantine' Suffers From an Uncertain Start

Television’s big bets on comic book adaptations have largely paid off this season, with Fox’s Gotham doing all right for the network (although the quality of the Batman-centric drama has dipped since its dark and promising pilot) and The CW’s  800 more words


11 companies are 'the biggest losers'

Amazon (AMZN) is frustrating investors with its money-losing ways: It’s expected to lose another $295.7 million this year. But when it comes to the biggest annual losses, that doesn’t even crack the top 10. 417 more words


'Listen Up Philip' vs. 'Inside Llewyn Davis': On the Interior Life of the Asshole Artist

I couldn’t stop thinking of the Cohen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis while watching Alex Ross Perry’s new movie, Listen Up Philip. Not just because of the superficial similarities: not just because Philip and Llewyn are both grumpy, hirsute male artists who seem intent on disseminating their self-important masculine angst. 1,589 more words