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Smallholding Spring

Smallholding Spring

I’ve been visiting N_____ B_____ Farm on the outskirts of town. A family smallholding with poultry, sheep, cattle, horses – and a complement of welcoming cats and dogs. 2,547 more words

Welcome new Buzzards

We held our sixth annual Buzzards dinner this past weekend at Stamford Yacht Club. Once again it was a full house and we also had a chance to induct a few more Buzzards to this select group. 36 more words

Flight with the Butterflies

“Come stand here with me,” she said taking Henry’s hand. They stood in the middle of the grove where there were no trees. She spread her arms out and closed her eyes. 478 more words


Red kite poisonings in Easter Ross - some thoughts

There will be few who do not utterly condemn the recent poisoning of ten red kites and four buzzards in Easter Ross. While I’ve no intention in discussing any detail of this case I’ve been flabbergasted by some comments on blogs regarding the police investigation. 573 more words

Breakfast is typical. Eggs, rice, beans, plantains, and queso. The cheese here is something similar to Feta in consistency, but is completely bland compared to feta, and this morning, tastes suspicious as well. 2,526 more words