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“Crows, Cons and Congregations”

Date of writing : 29/07/2014

There’s something poetic about doves making a nest in razor wire. Looking from my ground floor window across the yard, I can watch the pair that has decided to take up residence as they continue to add to their construction. 1,192 more words

Gathered Around the Buzzard's Nest

Every morning when I get to my part time job at a local grocery store, I’m supposed to paint on this smile and rattle on to the customers in a more than chipper mood. 750 more words


Follow the Whispers…

Closing the door and sealing the stories,
Hiding behind the curtain,
But still fail to hide my miseries,

She seems scared, still and scattered,
May be she fails to hear my heart, 101 more words

A few updates since my last post !

I have not written in just over a year; I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. There has been some major changes in my life and now it is the right time to start this blog again. 245 more words


Holy Mackerel and other heavenly happenings from a day on the yellow bicycle.

A Gift…….A thing given willingly to someone without payment (Oxford English dictionary)

Have you ever been given the gift of a day?

I have.

Today was my gift of a day, my precious day, my remarkable day, my unique day. 1,655 more words