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Buzzards - Windsor

Not been out a huge amount recently so here’s a pic from a few weeks ago of 3 buzzards circling over Windsor Great Park


Waiting for something to expire

there were two of them just sitting
waiting for something to expire
I waved my patience at them
but they had something meatier in mind… 44 more words


Old Buzzards in Congress

Have Got to Go!

It is becoming quite obvious that all these old buzzards are losing their abilities, sensibilities, responsibilities, and some are showing serious signs of mental breakdown, or senility and dementia. 977 more words

Vultures, the clean-up crew

We see them soaring, searching, riding the thermals looking for lunch. Unlike raptors that hunt live prey, vultures are the clean-up crew, searching for fresh kill. 826 more words

Natural History

“Chicks, Chips and Comforts”

Date of writing : 28/08/2014

The collared doves have hatched, and are growing spectacularly fast. There are at least two chicks I can see, but it’s possible there are more. 1,450 more words

Raptors and wrens

Seen today on a walk from the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path;
choughs, carrion crows, ravens, buzzards, a wren, peregrine falcon, sparrow hawks, kestrel and multitudes of gulls. 11 more words


“Crows, Cons and Congregations”

Date of writing : 29/07/2014

There’s something poetic about doves making a nest in razor wire. Looking from my ground floor window across the yard, I can watch the pair that has decided to take up residence as they continue to add to their construction. 1,192 more words