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At the Buzzer (10/23/14)

Episode 153: Money Talks – The guys take a look at financial stories, like brothers who won the lottery or homeless people giving away money, then contemplate their own spending in Countdown. 125 more words


At the Buzzer (10/16/14)

Episode 152: Sneaky Peeky – The gang examines some sneaky behavior, like a camera that records when you look at boobs, then try to salvage nostalgia in Time Capsule. 121 more words


Using a buzzer with Arduino in pure C

Since one of my most viewed posts is Programming Arduino Uno in pure C, I wanted to write other posts about common Arduino functionalities implemented in C instead of the default language. 723 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 280 / O.C.T.O.B.E.R. III-7] Am I Wrong

I’ve been asking myself this question… or putting together this statement, in quite a few ways lately.

Last weekend included יום כיפור (Yom Kippur… 407 more words


At the Buzzer (10/02/14)

Episode 151: Trendsetters – The gang breaks down some controversial topics, like whether or not kids these days are babied or whether or not football teams can be racist. 118 more words


At the Buzzer (09/25/14)

Episode 150: It’s a Horrible Day – The gang hits a mini-milestone with episode 150, talking about the decline of iTunes and introducing a new segment in the second half. 125 more words


At the Buzzer (09/18/14)

Episode 149: Eat, Pray, Die – The gang records their 300th food episode, with a look at Taco Bell’s strange choices in Headlines and all-you-can-eat options in Death Match. 126 more words