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Wild Wednesdays

What Should You Do on Halloween?

Are you celebrating Halloween? Do you have a similar holiday at home?

Take this fun quiz to practice your English and see what you should do on Halloween!

Dear Kitten

While on Buzzfeed (my new guilty pleasure site), I found a kitty vid. I believe it’s the fourth in a series. Since I do like to start from the beginning, the video below is for the first installment. 100 more words


Polaroid Style // Ashley Perez aka The Awkward Girl on Buzzfeed

Ashley Perez is certainly my favourite BuzzFeeder – not just because we share an innate sense to fangirl over Taylor Swift, but because I admire Ashley’s funny, witty and unbashful confidence since they are traits I aspire to develop during my twentysomething years. 228 more words


Linky Tuesday

You know how I post on Mondays and Thursdays?


I have a lot going on in my world which I’m sure I’ll one day share with you beautiful people, but for now, I needed a quick break. 56 more words


Facebook tells the DEA to stop making fake accounts

By: Jason Reed

Facebook is fighting back after learning that the DEA created a fake account using the information of a woman whose cellphone had been seized (that information included provocative photos from her phone, as well as photos of some of her family members). 360 more words


What NYC restaurant menus looked like 100 years ago vs. today

You might not know that the New York Public Library has a fascinating online database of vintage restaurant menus. Well, they do! And it’s really cool. At Buzzfeed

Looking Back