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I Had a Stroke at 33

There was a cascade of input – triangles and sky and gravel sound and music on the radio and wind and the feeling of rough cloth near my hands. 34 more words


For the Dog Lovers--10 Interesting Facts

Most of my life (45 years, so far), I’ve mainly been around cats. Starting from when I was born. I have had three dogs in my life & know I will have more. 197 more words


Okay? Okay.

“I’m not depressed”- Hazel Grace Lancaster, Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.

So this brilliant man wrote this brilliant love story and although I’m a hopeless romantic I couldn’t get over how wonderfully the main characters dealt with their depression. 396 more words

Emma Watson Says That The View Feminism Is "Man Hating" Has To Stop

Today we are launching a campaign called “HeForShe.” I am reaching out to you because I need your help. We want to end gender inequality-and to do that we need everyone to be involved. 86 more words


Media Diet Project Step 1, Part 2 - Video Capture (Camtasia)

For the second part of my Media Diet Project, I used the program Camtasia to record myself as I used the Internet.

I will say that watching this video was interesting to say the least. 265 more words

Media Diet Project

'Shark. Jumped.' 'Meet the Press' mocked for Buzzfeed panelist and Chuck Todd's absurd 'stereotyping'

We already knew NBC’s “Meet the Press” was in trouble, but today’s episode serves as further evidence.

Seems like tough times for Meet the Press – today’s panel includes the “Washington bureau chief” for… Buzzfeed.

364 more words

Living During an Age of Anxiety: A Reading List

When I am wracked with anxiety, I make a list of everything that is stressing me. These lists have included “transportation plans for this weekend,” “living at home,” “Sandy dying,” “getting props for the play” and “editing articles for The Annual.” I don’t write solutions. 463 more words