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Egg-static About Brunch

The trend of Brunch has recently EXPLODED in modern American culture.  Brunch is everywhere! From brunch recipes on the Food&Drink page of Pinterest, to Brunch @ Bobby’s that airs on the… 332 more words

PR Writing

Life Changing Poetry

For your afternoon tea today we have some poetry, shocking I know!

Yesterday I stumbled across a Buzzfeed link with the title “36 Life Changing Poems Everyone Should Read” 141 more words

Afternoon Tea

Buzzfeed is stupid

I tried to mock buzzfeed. As it turns out, buzzfeed has transcended all previously known levels of stupidity and reached a state of such prize-winning mind-numbingness that it is impervious to satire. 117 more words

Everything Else

How Grown Up Are You? Does it Even Matter?

Today I found myself perusing BuzzFeed for all of the usual quizzes that may or may not actually tell my anything about myself. I can tell you right now that being… 449 more words

Real World

The Future of Journalism:

As it is becoming increasingly clear through this blog, journalists and the journalism industry is an important issue in studies of the media. As a budding journalist, hearing that the industry is ‘dying’ and that the jobs are dwindling is comfronting. 319 more words

19 Terrifying Photos With The Easter Bunny

The title says it all.  If I could claim ownership of any of these, I would.

However, homage goes to the internet.

Prepare to laugh, or hide, or run straight to the mall for an Easter Bunny pic: 9 more words