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Plagiarism in the Internet age: The issue isn't copying, it's attribution

I know I’m playing directly into someone’s hands by writing this, but hey the writer asked for it.

During a Washington Post live chat, Internet gadfly Gene Weingarten… 593 more words


"Winning the internet" and how to resent much of the new online universe

Imagine if I’d elected as the tagline for this post: “If you don’t read this you’re probably wasting your life.”

You’d likely think I was being an overdramatic jerk, but you might click on it anyway, just to see what I had to say. 1,210 more words


Quiz Me

I am in the middle of a closet organization project that I’m hoping to post about on Thursday so in the meantime, how about a little fun and fluff? 430 more words

Random Musings

I mean, duh.

Like come on guys. I even have the post to prove what I’ve always known.

Business Interest: Suggestion #3

HBR has written previously about the current low rate of interest in the UK’s economy.  In this series, HBR investigates the British public’s lack of interest in the subject, and tries to work out what is best to do about it… 267 more words



What’s up people? Today, is #MCM and I have two!

Both of these dudes create content for two of my favorite websites, Thoughtcatalog and Buzzfeed.  69 more words

Snarky Sexy

Birth Announcements Gone Wrong

People are fucking crazy.

26 Pregnancy Announcement Photos That Must Be Stopped via BuzzFeed

Credit: BuzzFeed

These people are going to be parents?! Let’s say a Hail Mary for humanity. Right. Now.