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The Best Commercials You Forgot About

We all have those commercials that we grew up with and maybe can’t recall off the top of our heads, but once we hear it, we can spout every word. 22 more words


More Clicks For The Hive

Every time you click an obviously stupid link, an angel gets pink-eye.

Like really, really BAD pink-eye.


"Skateboarding As Religion"

Sean Wilsey writes like someone who last rode a skateboard in the early 2000s. I think it might be the defining of what an ollie or a boneless is, or maybe it’s the term rail slide. 62 more words


Clouds to Dream On?

I was on Buzzfeed & came across some gorgeous photos of clouds, that residents in New York City took this morning. My husband, who was a meteorologist in the Navy, said those types of clouds are caused by turbulence. 37 more words


The Pretentious

Thank you, Buzzfeed.

As happens, I found myself in a Buzzfeed spiral last night, resulting in me taking The Mean Personality Test. The result (pictured above) made me laugh! 97 more words


Do YOU Remember Lyrics From 1999? THROWBACK!

First off, this makes me feel old as hell!
1999 was FIFTEEN Years ago??? ugh,.

Secondly, I cant honestly say that I remember all of these lyrics either. 68 more words