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Working Hard or Hardly Working

I like to compare the internet to my own personal black hole. Nothing is quite as tempting as clicking on a link. Opening a new tab is like starting a great, new book. 201 more words

You Just Got Baited

BuzzFeed, and Vice are some of the top sites known for link baits. BuzzFeed Has everything from quizzes to lists about everything imaginable. Not only are their articles beside the point, they are hampering on the views of journalists, and what it constitutes to be one. 343 more words

The Definitive Ranking of Buzzfeed's Banned Books Week Posts; Or, To Beat Buzzfeed at Their Own Game

Well another year another Banned Books Week come and gone. In commemoration of my second holiday (#1 is Channukah and #2 is January 25th) I feel it’s only appropriate to rank the Banned Books Week 2014 posts from Buzzfeed (Hey, if you wanted thoughtful pieces on the meaning of Banned Books Week you should be reading… 748 more words

listicize me cap'n

my love/hate relationship with buzzfeed

man, the author of “I Hate Buzzfeed” must hate it so much that he/she felt the necessity to buy an entire domain name for it. 493 more words

Sugar Cookies: educational for all

So folks, it has been a while. Let us kick things off with a real must read” article from BuzzFeed News. True to the style of this blog it had to deal with feminism, femnazi, general stupidity, or poor grammar. 287 more words