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What's Wrong with Terminator Genesis

Genesis or Genisys (the rap name), it’s just silly. BTW, Genisys is also a credit union. Appropriate, since this is all about raking in money by replaying the same formula over and over (the typical special effects-addict moviegoer being easily swayed by memes, computer-driven or TMZ-driven.) What’s the real BuzzFeed here? 60 more words


Immersive Reporting from the Bakken Oil Fields: A Reading List

Oil production in the Bakken region of North Dakota has topped 1 million barrels a day. The seven-year boom has flooded the area with new residents seeking their fortunes, and many journalists have also joined the labor force, sending dispatches from the new Wild West. 297 more words


5 Reasons Buzzfeed Isn't Actually Journalism

Social media platforms are saturated with content with Buzzfeed and I hate it (Although as this video shows, I’m not the only one who hates it). 223 more words

Journalistic Work

What You Wish You Could Say At The Gym [VIDEO]

So I recently started working out, shout out to my personal trainer Tom Bos over at World Gym in Waterford for whipping me into shape. This is honestly how I feel at seven in the morning sometimes. 57 more words


Child Abduction story on TV

Here’s a link to me talking about the Bianca Lozano story on Headline News. If I had known I’d be standing–er, slouching– for this segment, I might have thought about what to do with my hands besides shoving them in my pockets as if I was standing around waiting for a bus. 6 more words


The 19-Year Search for Bianca Lozano and the Nightmare of Child Abduction Cases

As if losing a child to kidnapping wasn’t horrifying enough, ineffective law enforcement agencies and predatory private investigators only add to the confusion and pain. Deana Hebert’s long, maddening search for her daughter — and the ex-husband who took her — may be the rule, not the exception.

Buzzfeed, October 23, 2014


My Big Butt

When Kris and I were first dating we were at a house party and some guy – a total stranger – asked Kris while looking at me, “Dude, are you an ass man?”  Befuddled, Kris replied, “Yeah …uh…” and then the guy says, “Well I guess you’d HAVE to be, huh?” eyes burning into my backside. 78 more words