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Shadow Over Alfheim pt 9 - Return to Malek

The players who showed up were pretty happy with the list of goodies for sale. Of course, they didn’t have enough money to get both the sceptre of light & dark and the dancing bear. 623 more words


Travelport IPO Faces Warm Reaction on Otherwise Cold Day

Travelport Worldwide Ltd. (NYSE: TVPT) shares have been holding relatively strong in its initial public offering (IPO) debut. This is despite a strong market sell-off on Thursday. 232 more words


Children of Lubrochius

So, with my own vampire campaign really ratcheting up, it’s been the perfect time to start reading the second Drasmyr book. I know, it’s Ashes of Ruins book 1, but I can’t help but think of it as Drasmyr 2. 328 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Some things for the party to spend their newfound wealth on

I asked my players to give me some idea of what they’d actually like to do or buy in town so I can work with them, but only one player responded.   272 more words


In Life video debut

Come through and check out our new video. It took 6 months to make it was worth it. Hit the link to join. https://www.facebook.com/events/1500342776875554/

Positive Vibes

Save the date

https://www.facebook.com/events/1500342776875554/. Hit up the link to view my new music video dropping September 30. Directed by Gil Rios. Come through and check it out.


Shadow Over Alfheim pt8 - The Road to Portsdam

Sometimes the fish just don’t bite, and that’s okay!

Suddenly having two players have to cancel right on the verge of starting a mega-dungeon crawl can seriously throw a wrench in the plans of an under-prepared DM, but I managed to wing it best I could on Friday. 1,179 more words