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SoulFullHeart Vlog Series: Day Four - The False Self: Definition, Formation, And Deconstructing

Today’s conversation is about the false self: what it is, how it forms, and how to deconstruct this part of you in a necessarily challenging, yet loving way through the SoulFullHeart healing process. 124 more words

By Wayne Vriend

SoulFullHeart Vlog Series: Day Three - Emotional Consciousness And The Global Collapse

Today’s conversation is about the inevitable global collapse of financial, political, and social systems that the false self keeps in place through denial and fear. We talk about how awakening your emotional  consciousness through the SoulFullHeart process allows you to be responsive to these changes and transitions in an authentic way. 101 more words

By Wayne Vriend

SoulFullHeart Vlog Series: Day Two - Connecting With Yeshua

Today’s conversation is about Yeshua, an ascended teacher energy that is available for anyone to connect with, and Wayne’s two blog series featuring conversations with Yeshua about money, healing, religion, spirituality, leadership, and much more. 129 more words

By Wayne Vriend

SoulFullHeart Vlog Series: Day One- Introduction To SoulFullHeart

We’ve been writing on this blog for two and a half years now……wow, two and a half years! Feels shorter somehow….. We get a lot of fulfillment out of sharing our writing and words on here and yet, we’ve been feeling for a while now that we want to offer more of who we are and what we are offering with SoulFullHeart through video. 200 more words

By Wayne Vriend

Where You Choose To Live Is A Reflection Of Your Inner Emotional And Spiritual Health

On one level, it was just a day helping a friend and  member of our SoulFullHeart community move from one geography to another. Yet, on the deeper level of heart and soul meaning, it represented a significant shift in her process and was the result of two years of inner emotional and spiritual healing work through embracing the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. 689 more words

By Jillian Vriend

Introduction: Only From The Heart Can You Reach The Sky- SoulFullHeart Stories


               There is no salvation for the soul

But to fall in Love.

It has to creep and crawl

Among the Lovers first.

Only Lovers can escape… 1,165 more words

Divine Connection