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By the Numbers: NHL Captains

By Aaron Westendorf
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Being a NHL captain means a lot more than just wearing a ‘C’ on your uniform. You are the leader in the locker room, the first to take interviews from the media during a losing streak and quickly become the face of a franchise.  447 more words


Essex third in Ontario, tops here for new organ donor registration

3 – Every three days in Ontario someone waiting for an organ transplant dies.

8 – One deceased organ donor can save up to eight lives. 586 more words


Painting By Numbers

During my 20-year Information Technology career, statistics were an invaluable tool for solving user issues. In one example, I ran an SQL analysis on a program that revealed one of four database files was accessed the most often, yet it was the third check in a conditional decision chain. 599 more words

Looking For Work!

Back To Basics

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’ve kind of stalled out a bit this summer. My savings have been up and down, my spending has gone from consistent to Godzilla-through-Tokyo rampage, and I’m generally more susceptible to moodiness and irritability. 212 more words

By The Numbers

A Better Way To Save

Lately I feel like I’ve read a lot of posts about saving 50% or more of your income, and I’ve got to say, while it’s an impressive task, I don’t know how I feel about some of the context I’ve seen it in. 472 more words

By The Numbers

By the Numbers

Total miles: 982

Total miles slack packed: 72 (thank you Zach, Rafe, and Molly for helping us be light on our feet!)

Friends who camped with us on our first night leaving Charlottesville: 276 more words

By The Numbers

Why Your Business Needs Emergency Plans

When the big one hits—be it earthquake, tornado, or cyber hackers—business is going to come to a halt. And that stop can be permanent if your office doesn’t have an emergency plan. 51 more words

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