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Women's DIY Halloween Costumes: By The Numbers

DIY has been a big trend for a few years now. It makes sense that it’s spread to Halloween costumes, where the major goals are to display creativity and individuality. 299 more words


The Five Stages of Finding Out Caveman is Disappearing from Netflix.

1. Discover that Caveman is leaving Netflix and tell your husband. Be aghast when he says, “What’s that?” Remind him it was the Quest for Fire for stoners who liked jokes about Dinosaur hand jobs. 481 more words


By the Numbers: Week 9, 2014

I managed to get my correct picks up from my previous high of 10 out of 15 to 11 out of 15 this last week. Not bad, though I wish the Packers would have won their game (biased) and a couple of those other incorrect picks seemed to come from out of nowhere. 686 more words


90 Day No Spend - Begins SATURDAY

Alright guys, confession time. You’ve heard me say I’ll be cutting back on my spending, etc.

Except, I totally haven’t.

So I’m recommitting to a 90 Day No Spend Stretch starting in November, and running all the way through the New Year. 443 more words

By The Numbers

Most Kingsport family income ranges hold up against recession


Family incomes in Kingsport have increased since the recession, but buying power has declined for those earning the median  and per capita incomes when adjusted for inflation. 144 more words


Johnson City family incomes up since recession, inflation wipes out gains


Family income in Johnson City showed gains when the newly released 2013 Census data is compared to a 2008 pre-recession benchmark. When adjusted for inflation the gains were wiped out. 108 more words


Halloween! Halloween!

So I have to admit, I have nothing new financially to report today. I’m just SUPER excited for Friday- even though I’m working late, and then early on Saturday, and then out of town for shenanigans with family. 68 more words

By The Numbers