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Don't let one failure keep you down

I text him.

I let myself down big time.

I ruined the last weeks efforts with a simple ‘I miss you’

I let him know that I am still pathetic. 210 more words


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Freedom to Judge

So, this just happened:

I was just minding my own business eating at the Cheesecake Factory (forever alone status) and this Muslim couple, walks in. No biggie. 450 more words

An Existential Crisis (2)

Part 1: Chris (August 2012-January 2013) Regular Hook-up with reciprocated feelings

I met Chris on an online dating site. That sounds ridiculous, event to me, because I think online dating is superficial but so is meeting someone in a bar, I guess, so whatever.  935 more words

Loser days

Our emotions control us.

Those four words have never been so true for me. Everything I do is controlled by how strong I am feeling that day. 188 more words


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