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For all that you were.

You were my first time at the bazaar.

You were the only person who could calm me down just with your smile.

You were all the peace and serenity that helped me sleep at night. 128 more words


Count Down

Less than 13 hours until I leave for the airport, feeling excited, nervous and anxious. Cannot wait to meet my soul twin for the first time, in person, and live this dream we have shared over the past two years.

Good vibes only.




Good riddance and goodbye Yonsei. We need a break because midterms is over and I’m going to the Hawaii of Korea; the Phu Quoc of Korea; the one and only Jeju Island of Korea!!! 41 more words



Adieu. You can’t understand this. You never understood me. That’s why I’m saying goodbye. 

Do you remember when I said I was okay? That was a lie. 292 more words

Teenage Bitterness

My Depression Story.

It all started after my break up with this one guy in 6th grade. This guy which now I come to the realization that is a total dick. 445 more words


October 20, 2014

Today was pretty frickin good! Things are just getting better, although I got in trouble for coming home “late” (com’on mom I came at 8). It would have been perfect if by chance that didn’t happen but what ever. 122 more words


Ha I win, I let you go

So I haven’t wrote on this in ages as I found it always left me sad afterwards. But recently something has changed I haven’t spoken to Zack in a week and I honestly don’t care. 189 more words