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Fever+Mom's Bday D-30

So. Lot’s of you all got a bit worried when I didn’t post on Friday, and when I wrote this on my ask.fm page:

Yes, I was indeed VERY sick on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 241 more words


So long, farewell.

One of my favourite colleague is going back to the home country after 1 year of working holiday in Australia. We play around and jokes around a lot. 159 more words


Europe '15

you know what that means… this chick is going away again next summer. This time I’m conquering Amsterdam a little bit of Germany and some other nearby countries. 113 more words

The Strength to Say Bye.

I just recently had a conversation with a good friend. She told me she was in a situation and she described that situation to me. It reminded myself of the relationship I was in two years ago. 476 more words

Mom's Bday D-29

It’s my mom’s birthday! Here’s a piece of cake:

:) I’ll do a long post tomorrow.

Wish my mum a happy birthday please! I want her to live for 10000000000000000000000000 years. 29 more words

You're the Reason.

You’re the reason for the 3rd World War.
The whole universe will fight to go beneath your perfect pores.

You’re the reason for the acceleration of Global Warming. 157 more words


It doesn't really have to be goodbye

One Last Time,
Let me hold you close…
Close to my heart,
Can’t believe we’ll soon be apart.
One Last Time,
Let me look into your eyes.. 70 more words