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Good riddance and goodbye Yonsei. We need a break because midterms is over and I’m going to the Hawaii of Korea; the Phu Quoc of Korea; the one and only Jeju Island of Korea!!! 41 more words



Adieu. You can’t understand this. You never understood me. That’s why I’m saying goodbye. 

Do you remember when I said I was okay? That was a lie. 292 more words

Teenage Bitterness

My Depression Story.

It all started after my break up with this one guy in 6th grade. This guy which now I come to the realization that is a total dick. 445 more words


October 20, 2014

Today was pretty frickin good! Things are just getting better, although I got in trouble for coming home “late” (com’on mom I came at 8). It would have been perfect if by chance that didn’t happen but what ever. 122 more words


Ha I win, I let you go

So I haven’t wrote on this in ages as I found it always left me sad afterwards. But recently something has changed I haven’t spoken to Zack in a week and I honestly don’t care. 189 more words


Just a Quick Update - I Resigned

I promised an update. Didn’t I?

So here, I am going to provide you what has occurred for the past week.

Finally. I was able to give my resignation letter. 190 more words

Random Thoughts

I started off wanting to fix myself.

I changed my mind.

I, I am me.

I, I am defined already you

see. I, I. I, I. 25 more words