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Reasons CIOs Don’t Sleep at Night

CIOs have large responsibilities, and with the explosion of data over the past couple of years, there is a lot to keep them awake at night. 257 more words


iPad Etching - for Extra Security and Easy Identification

The latest batch of iPads bought for the College’s 1-to-1 scheme have been factory etched with our logo, and a unique numerical ID.  The supplier can keep track of this number and iterates the number on each successive device we order. 82 more words


5 Ways to Prepare for Connected Educators Month

In addition to Photographer Appreciation Month, National Roller Skating Month, National I Love Lucy Day and National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day (just to name a few), October also serves as… 439 more words


You're changing what?

A few years ago, we prepared to give a group of teachers brand new Macbook Pros.  Most were using ancient Windows XP machines, so I anticipated this change would be greeted with cheers, fist bumps and excitement by all.   254 more words

Reflective Reading 1

The article written by Katrina Schwartz is unique, because it looks at both the potential positives and negatives of having a BYOD program. This article acknowledges the fact that the primary users will be students, and they are prone to doing prohibited things with the devices. 297 more words


Is the Information You Get the Right-For-You Information?

There’s a lot of information floating around on the Internet. Some of it is good, but a lot of it is bad. And to make matters worse, a lot of the information may… 269 more words


Stay Charged, Stay Tuned

The Ultimate Guide to Keep Your Employees’ Phones Alive:

Faster and more flexible than traditional workplace communications, enterprise mobile messaging is a powerful tool that allows employees to communicate quickly and effectively. 626 more words

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