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October 20 1814: Object of Curiosity

On October 20 1814, Lord Byron writes to Annabella Milbanke, from London.

I have been so much amused with your “extracts” though I had no idea what evil spirit I then appeared in your eyes—you were quite right however as far as appearances—but that was not my natural character—I was just returned from a far country where everything was different—& felt bewildered & not very happy in my own which I had left without regret & returned to without interest— 521 more words


Out the Window by Alice

In art for this term, we have been doing perspective and 3D. We had to paint a picture like we are looking out of a window. 42 more words


Remembering the roots: Byron is focus of new heritage series

Tales of more than two centuries of history are about to begin in part of London.

But, of course, there was a time that Byron wasn’t part of the city. 213 more words


October 18 1814: I Hate It

I hate it. — Lord Byron, October 18 1814. pic.twitter.com/4PgaQTUSH6

— 1814now (@1814now) October 18, 2014

They say one shouldn't be married in a black coat.

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A word or two about booze

Friends, I think the time has come for me to talk about booze.

Apart from anything else, it’s a good excuse to grab down from the shelf the excellent… 527 more words