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What the Film "Her" Says About Bystander Apathy: Probably Not What You Think

In the film Her, a lonely soon-to-be-divorced man falls in love with his artificially intelligent operating system. Film critics almost uniformly praised the film, while everyday reviews have been extraordinarily mixed (see Amazon and Netflix). 918 more words

The Bystander Effect

This afternoon, I got on a bus to get home. While waiting for it to go on its way, I noticed a foreigner (I am tempted to assume American, but since I have no direct proof I’ll keep it general) sitting at the front seat. 1,547 more words


“At crucial junctures every individual makes decisions and… every decision is individual.” – Raul Hilberg

Every decision is individual. Doesn’t that quote overwhelm you with its meaning?

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Because it's the right thing.

As a firefighter it seems I donate to a lot of causes when at the firehouse. Whether I’m buying Girl Scout Cookies ( I definitely don’t NEED the cookies) or raffle tickets for a firefighter in need I always try to make the donation.   235 more words


Anarchism is not the solution

I’ve recently been reading 50 political ideas you really need to know by Ben Dupre. And it’s been a very good read thus far, and I suspect the 32 ideologies that I am yet to read will be even better. 823 more words


Taking Off the Invisibility Cloak 101

A couple weeks ago Joey was having a hard time in the evenings and was extremely fussy. The only thing that helped was getting him to sleep but it was so hard. 1,005 more words


Don't Just Hit the 'Record' Button When Horror Strikes—Do Something!

Over the last few years, our tech-induced predilection for documenting everything that we do and see seems to have taken a turn for the very dark. 591 more words