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Mad Musings of a Premenstrual Woman

I made a mistake this weekend.

I made the mistake of watching Black Mirror, a sort of sci-fi twilight zone type television show delivered straight from the UK via Netflix. 357 more words

A Room With Many Views

Berkley and Mob Protesting

I am trapped on a train, held hostage by the Berkley protesters near Oakland, California. Down the tracks people block not only the roadways and freeways, but also the incoming trains. 808 more words


The Golden Rule (It Always Comes Back to Color)

When I was young and my dad would hear my brothers and me making fun of people or saying things about people that seemed somehow unfair, he would always talk to us about our perspective, and the discussion would end with “There but for the grace of God go I.” That lesson has always stuck with me. 1,153 more words

Social Criticism

Between Athenians and Visigoths: what lies between polar positions in public discourse online

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (variously attributed – Google it)

In his graduation speech, Neil Postman characterised two groups from history, the Athenians and the Visigoths, each of which has since disappeared but has left their mark on subsequent cultures. 1,206 more words


Day 0533

Is that even a word?
I suppose not, but certainly a thing. And a thing I’ve been watching (which makes me a bystander to bystanders and just becomes a huge mouthful very quickly). 255 more words

Just this once, can it not be about you?

Here we are, once again, talking about division. We love to hate division in this country.

We love to discuss how much we don’t understand it. 1,243 more words

Social Criticism

VIDEO: Airport bystanders take down man slurring anti-gay rants

This video contains graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised.

DALLAS, Texas (PIX11) — An angry man was taken away in handcuffs at a Dallas airport after attacking another man who he believed is gay, video of the incident shows. 263 more words