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more dilemmas in #WWYD

1st scenario: a lil girl decides to do her own artwork on a few art pieces in a lil restaurant, so will the bystanders stop her or think she’s being adorable? 1,193 more words


Followers in your organisation

Management expert Barbara Kellerman feels that while leadership in organisation gets lot of importance, followership which is equally important usually gets neglected. Collapse of communist regimes, Arab Spring etc. 372 more words

San Diego Carjacking Caught On Camera As Group Of Bystanders Subdue Suspect

SAN DIEGO (KPIX 5) — Good Samaritans subdued a suspected carjacker in San Diego, saving a woman and girl in a dramatic scene all caught on camera. 154 more words


Beauty in the Unknown

At times we find ourselves in what seems to be a never ending road. We stop enjoying the “now” because we’re too busy thinking about the past and future. 40 more words

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if u feel brave enuf :) feel free to say WWYD in the comments, it’ll be nice to hear other opinions on the dilemmas and whatnot :) don’t worry, i don’t bite :) 1,983 more words


Online ‘Leakage’: Interrogating Internet Activities as Part of Threat Assessment

The last two blog discussed school shooter admirers expressing their thoughts in the site YouTube. What is of key concern here is that users with similar mindsets sympathising with and admiring school shooters might ‘discover’ each other on social media and plan an attack together or perhaps encourage others to perpetrate a shooting — with this in mind, it certainly seems that online sites should be subject to more intense scrutiny and threat assessment. 698 more words

School Shootings

Police Shoot Driver Who Tried To Run Over Officers, Bystanders

Updated 06/11/14 – 12:09 p.m.

(CBS) – Chicago police shot a man who crashed into several parked cars in Wicker Park, then tried to run over officers who had pulled him over. 247 more words