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4 Ways That BYU-Idaho's New President Can Make The School Even Better

BYU-Idaho students had to be confused today when Elder Russell M. Nelson (of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) ended his talk earlier than the normal end of devotional. 1,109 more words


SAP page

The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) project was made to help student better understand one of the academic standards. To help students visualize how to calculate SAP I came up with this JavaScript web application. 100 more words


Project 1 - Flier


Black and white flier to promote a graduate leadership conference


The first step in creating this flier was to do sketches. I did four possible designs and then took a few of them into Adobe InDesign. 181 more words


Project 1 Flier

  • Description:

A black and white flier promoting a graduate leadership conference.

  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  

Starting this design, I first made some sketches of that a regular flier would look like. 276 more words


Week 2: Meetings and Some Coding

This week was pretty light. We had two team meetings and taught each other code. We created a new Github repository for our code snippets and I posted to the HTML/CSS/Javascript board this week. 347 more words


Blog 3 LIGHT - Motion: Freeze & Blur

Using varied shutter speeds to gather light and illustrate motion can be exhilarating.  Control your shutter speed to freeze and blur motion.


One of my roommates was so awesome to go out into the cold to take pictures with me. 200 more words


Elevator Pitch

This week we came up with our app idea and created a 2 minute elevator pitch.

The Problem

In last week’s Q&A Session our instructor mentioned an app that someone made in a previous class to count the number of people in a large congregation at church. 200 more words