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Dabbling in Landing Page Optimization and SEO

For our eleventh week we learned about Website and Landing Page Optimization, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Landing Page Optimization

This is all about your Landing Pages offering what your ad promises. 324 more words


Vector Icon Process

This week I had a million ideas that I would’ve enjoyed pursuing but I went with the one that challenged me most. And I certainly did feel challenged. 389 more words


Campaigns, Conversions and Adwords, Oh My!

This week we learned about Adwords Conversions and we started our Ad Campaigns


Setting up Adwords Conversions on anywhere but WordPress is somewhat straightforward. Since my web business is a blog on WordPress I took the harder road. 218 more words


The Relevance and Quality Analytics of all Things Internet

For our ninth week of my Web Business course we learned about the Quality scores in Google Adwords and we setup our Google Analytics accounts. Every lesson we are getting closer to taking our web businesses’ live! 589 more words


Framed Fine Art

This was one of my favorite pictures to work on because it has so much meaning in my life. I love dogs and love how obedient and loyal they are. 154 more words

COMM 300 - Digital Imaging

Ads and Ad Groups

This week we worked on our ad text and ad groups on our Adwords accounts.

Ad Groups

I decided to break my keywords into four ad groups. 186 more words


Things that Go Bump in Your Life

For this blog I have a goal of posting once a week – and that obviously hasn’t happened. Part of it is because I haven’t been sure of what to write. 1,183 more words