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"Will You Marry Me?" - What it really means.

Have you ever been in love? Has that love ever gotten to the point where you didn’t want to take another breathe without them by your side? 1,078 more words

LDS.net // Women of Faith Documentary

While working for LDS.net/the More Good Foundation, I started a web documentary series to showcase people who are doing interesting things to share their faith. I conducted interviews, shot b-roll, and edited these videos together.

1 // Videography

PayPal and Other Mysteries

This week we looked at site design guidelines and investigated using Paypal to accept credit card payments on our sites.

Site Design

I feel I had a step ahead of the rest of the class on site design from the graphic arts, typography and web design classes I have taken while attending BYU-Idaho online. 353 more words


Classroom Notes - OPORDR

Classroom Notes:

Times are going to be given in S(Time) in the OPORDR, but make sure that you turn it into hard times for your “joes” so that they know!   347 more words

Website Of The Week

Website of the Week 3 - The Scroll (I-Comm)

This week’s website was http://www.byuicomm.net/, which redirected me to the Scroll’s website found here. Here are five things I have learned:

  1. The Scroll posts a variety of videos and articles on a regular basis.
  2. 53 more words
Comm 100

The Game is Afoot!

Project 1 ends and Project 2 begins. We decide on a site builder, domain name and host.

Choosing a Site Builder

I compared Webs, Webstarts, and Yola, to Dreamweaver C6 that I already owned. 318 more words


Advertising Review: Dracula Untold

You may have seen Luke Evans in the new The Fast and Furious movie or even the recent Hobbit movies. This particular movie “Dracula Untold” shares the story of how Dracula came to be. 466 more words

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