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Time and Space

I’ve been in London for a while, so I made a stop in the Western Hemisphere. Then I hopped back over to the Eastern, and I went back again. 160 more words


Un, Deux, Trois

I was only in France for three days, and I’m getting into French music. I heard one song I really liked in a little boutique, and now I’m hooked. 306 more words

BYU London 2014

The Bells of Notre Dame

I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes I’m shocked by how little people recognize the beauty of IDEAS. Read a poem, see a performance, have a conversation with an interesting thinker; concepts are magical, musical, full of light or darkness. 269 more words

BYU London 2014

An American in Paris

The American? That would be me.

It was a day at Versailles. Unfortunately, Versailles is ENORMOUS, and we went on the worst possible day of the week to go. 307 more words

BYU London 2014

C'est la Vie

Where was I? We had a little three day trip to France. It was a really neat experience. I had never been to Paris before — just the Riviera. 140 more words

BYU London 2014

Halfway Done...

Can you believe that?! My program is halfway done. I have just about three and a half weeks left. It’s ridiculous how fast it’s going by. 271 more words

BYU London 2014

Feed the Birds

Today we visited St. Paul’s cathedral. It was beautiful. I love visiting such magnificent places of worship. Although I may not agree with every doctrine these churches proclaim, the buildings themselves are places set aside to glory and worship my Savior. 232 more words

BYU London 2014