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A small tribute to a great chanter, Elie Khoury

On 19 July, 2014 protopsaltis Elie Khoury passed away. He is one of the key figures of the Antioch Arabic byzantine chanting history. May his memory be eternal!

Byzantine Chant

Listening to Byzantine Chant (Tone 2)

After a long break, I finally have some time to dedicate to my blogging. I started a while back a thread on listening to byzantine chant and put together the first piece on the… 433 more words

Byzantine Chant

Rejoice, O Queen, 9th Ode, Pentecost

Rejoice, O Queen, boast of the virgins and mothers, for every tongue, though capable and eloquent, cannot hymn you as is your due, and every mind is confounded in seeking to comprehend the way in which you gave birth. 7 more words

Byzantine Chant

The end of a season and the start of another

While Pentecost marks the start of spread of Christianity around the world, it also marks the end of a season dear to my hear, the Lent and Easter season. 145 more words

Byzantine Chant

John Boyer Chants Psalm 23 - Byzantine Chant (English)

John Michael Boyer Protopsaltis from San Francisco and Rassem El Masseh from Lebannon join together to masterfully chant Basil Crow’s rendition of one of the Churches most treasured psalms

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