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C++ Log - Entry #4

Okay, big news coming up: New York Times front page header news. The news are, for once, good, except I’m still going to complain about it. 443 more words


How to Display Text as Hyperlink in Richtextbox in WPF application, C#

To show Text as Hyperlink in RichTextbox Fisrt, Set RichTextbox properties as:
IsDocumentEnabled = “True”
Now, Create function with data type Hyperlink as: 134 more words


C++ Log - Entry #3

So, in the previous entry, I wrote the following:

I would continue to ramble on, but it’s getting late. I’ll continue some of this later, but for now, I’ll just try Visual Studio, find a tutorial, and see if that helps things. 917 more words


C++ Log - Entry #2

I’m tired of Code::Blocks. Yes, I said it. Why am I tired of it? Because I’m very limited when it comes to tutorials. So far, I’ve been messing around with only the console application option-tingamajig. 1,022 more words


std::cout << tantrum();

Okay, so HERE I AM TRYING TO CREATE A SEPARATE CLASS FILE.  Apparently, Code::blocks doesn’t WANT ME TO DO THAT! This is fucking bullshit, and I keep getting these retarded errors that ostensibly take place on line 93 or line 270 or line 345092 or some other fucking line that I have no code on! 381 more words


C++ Development using NetBeans on a Remote Machine

Do you have a Windows machine but want to develop/debug C/C++ code on either your Raspberry Pi or some other remote Unix/Linux System on which you have access using… 235 more words

Raspberry Pi

efficient pow function

using namespace std;
int pow(int a,int b)
return 0;
return 1;
else return a*pow(a,b-1);
int main() 26 more words