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C++ Log - Entry #6

Here we go: another rant. It’s going to be a kind of short one, but a rant nonetheless.

Okay, so I compiled a program in Code::Blocks, which works just fine. 77 more words


Common C++ Error Messages #2 – Undefined reference


In this article I’ll be looking at the “undefined reference” error message (or “unresolved external symbol, for Visual C++ users). This is not actually a message from the compiler, but is emitted by the linker, so the first thing to do is to understand what the linker is, and what it does. 949 more words


Giới thiệu về kiểu TUPLE

C# 4.0 giới thiệu 1 tính năng mới là Tuple. Mục đích sử dụng Tuple là tạo ra các đối tượng có kiểu dữ liệu phức tạp nhằm để lưu trữ dữ liệu tạm thời. 371 more words

ASP.NET C# - Disable Past Dates In Calendar

protected void Calendar1_DayRaender(object sender, DayRenderEventArgs e)
if (e.Day.Date < DateTime.Today)
e.Day.IsSelectable = false;
// more customization

If you want to make the text strikethrough, add this to ur code

e.Cell.Font.Strikeout = true;

Preferring STL algorithms from algorithm and numeric

This post isn’t meant to be a documentation of the algorithm and numeric headers: you can find those readily at cppreference. In this post I’m going to try to convince people that write very similar algorithms to those in the standard library to not use these algorithms in production code, and to prefer ones from the STL. 2,566 more words


C++ Log - Entry #5

I have nothing to write in this log entry. I actu… yeah, I was going to ask a question, but then I remembered nobody reads this blog, at least not yet. 309 more words


C++ Log - Entry #4

Okay, big news coming up: New York Times front page header news. The news are, for once, good, except I’m still going to complain about it. 443 more words