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Displaying Different Triangles in C, C++ or Java

Triangle output can be displayed in any programming language with the help of for loops.  Displaying the output in Triangle form requires at least two for loops. 752 more words


Innocent Days Lyrics

A lovely song from my favorite anime, Code Geass. By Hitomi Kuroishi.

This time, I put romaji right below the respective Japanese line for easier reading. 251 more words


My thoughts On Opening Day.

Sorry about the wait, i Have had practice and games the past few days but here are my thoughts on opening day. For Starters, Neil Walker can have himself a day! 161 more words


Where I read sex Niles and CC ?

Niles and CC have an erotic phone:
Autor:   AllTheSnakes  Tile: What can we make of it?  On:  FF.net

CC makes a Blowjob in Niles:
Autor: AllTheSnakes  Tile: The  Mariage On: FF.net… 82 more words

Fan Fic

Best Thing I've Heard/Read This Week: Tyrone Williams

Yesterday, the poet and critic Tyrone Williams traveled from Cincinnati to Cleveland in order to read and discuss his poems at Case Western Reserve University for the Poets of Ohio reading series. 1,019 more words

Best Thing I’ve Read This Week

English Study

I am writing in regard to your company’s account balance with Citrix Online. Our records

indicate that the following invoice(s) are past due.

I understand and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 11 more words

C & C++

C# 类型


sbyte       System.SByte

byte         System.Byte

short        System.Int16

ushort      System.UInt16

int            System.Int32

uint          System.UInt32

long         System.Int64

ulong       System.UInt64

C & C++