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How to Pretend to Be a Real Adult

So sometimes we aren’t real adults. Here is basically a list of what I think real adults do:


How I Pray

I use the ACTS method…. most times. Sometimes I shorten it cause I’m lazy or I do a bit of ACTSTSTSTSTSASTSTSASTSASSTTSSTTTTTACTS.

Adoration. To me, this meant to praise God for who he is. 443 more words


Pros and Cons of Living in Canada as a Makeup "Collector"

Okay, this is totally a rant post but I never realized sometimes how great it is to live in Canada as a makeup collector. Well, I mean this in terms of brands. 121 more words


Rant, Swatch, Review: Too Faced The Chocolate Eye Palette


So I purchased this quite a long time ago and I really enjoyed it for a bit but then I got the Narsissist eye palette and then fell in love with that. 446 more words


Fitness "Challenge"

I shall use the term “Challenge” lightly as it is a challenge to some but not all. Also, quick disclaimer, as previously mentioned… I’m a nobody so don’t trust me and listen to me. 189 more words


You Smell Like You! : The Guide to Finding Your Perfect Scent

This is a Part 2 to my You Smell Like You!  … ‘series’? I think it ends here. Anyway, if you haven’t checked out “part 1″ yet, make sure you check it out by clicking this link… 267 more words


Project WMUEFAW Day 6

Okay. I have to admit, this is a bit of a cheat day as I didn’t FULLY have eye shadow on but I was rushing out of the house so… ya. 171 more words