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Final class in C++

In Java, a final class is one that cannot be subclassed.

Why do we need this? One reason why this might be needed is for security purposes.  266 more words

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Rainmeter: Code Geass C.C Lelouch Lamperouge XSide4 - hiddenskins

Link fixed, thanks to Kei. :D

Aaaaa.. >///< No problem, you can kiss your girl now. I’m still with Karen-chan. :D I hope today will have a good leader. 86 more words


Day 2, Workshop Programming of Heterogeneous Systems in Physics

Day 2 of the conference had below talks. Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügmann gave a short introduction. He pointed out that Jena is number 10 in Physics in Germany, has ca. 461 more words

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CC loses the memory

Tile: Mind Games  By: DannyFan66  On: fanfiction.net

Title: With a Little Bit of Grace By: Trouble-regal-spirit On:fanfiction. net

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Splitting Large Files on Microsoft Windows

After finishing my ABAP programming course I wanted to upload the Netweaver-trial software to Telekom media-center. Telekom media-center allows you to store up to 25 GB of data in the cloud. 298 more words


Write a program to compute the diameter in centimeters

Write a program to compute the diameter in centimeters of a steel rod, an aluminum rod, and copper rod, which can withstand a particular compression load. 79 more words

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