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It's how the Wal-Mart dickheads get richer that's so disgusting

From here:

WASHINGTON — Walmart and the Waltons—America’s largest employer and richest family—received tax breaks and subsidies worth an estimated $7.8 billion in 2013, according to a report released today by Americans for Tax Fairness. 122 more words

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Imagine that, the 'new' economy jobs are a powerful Wal-Mart/food stamp 1-2 punch!

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As for the “new economy” that the pols and corporate shills promised the rest of us — exciting and challenging jobs that were going to replace those offshored ones? 83 more words

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Everything that's wrong with America

Headline from the Huffington Post:

Raising an Entrepreneur


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Junk food, weed, and cable TV -- the axis of social control!

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A new study finds eating too much junk food doesn’t only make you fat, it may also make you mentally slower or less motivated. 223 more words

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What if the loot was in the female pocket?

Headline from Bloomberg:

Maybe a Gender Pay Gap Is OK

It’s easy to say there’s not a problem when you’re on the side that’s getting paid more.



The question Facebook/social networks have no answer to

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What do networks owe the users who made them powerful in the first place?

From what I can tell Facebook and other powerful social media players seem to feel that building a free virtual space where everybody comes and turns over tons of information about themselves is compensation for all the data collected and monetized. 58 more words

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Our Wall Street overlords really are geniuses....

From CNBC here:

…noted stock picker Bill Miller said he believes the bulls will be running hard for the foreseeable future.

“The conditions for a bad market just don’t exist,” Miller said Wednesday on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” “I think after this correction… 31 more words

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