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If saving Wall Street didn't save Main Street....

Maybe Wall Street crashing will.

You would have to be living under a rock to not notice that the H.M.S. Ponzi has torn itself asunder and is sinking at quite an alarming rate. 99 more words

D. Politics

Why broadcast TV needs NFL Liar Honcho Goodell

From Ruprecht Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal here:

Well, it’s good to see the NFL doing something productive — paying the bills and making sure America gets enough fantastic reality tv and cop shows to continually stoke the fears of Muslims and blacks. 13 more words


2 Grade A douchebags have a bromance!

From Bloomberg here:

It’s not just a former Wall Street fellating politician and a white collar criminal banker ruining the economy, they’re fucking friends!!! 8 more words

D. Politics

Rich people get to say the system is rigged, anybody else is a Communist/hater

From CNBC:

This is an awfully big number to manipulate but you can see why our warmongering politicians would rather fuck with the numbers and then go chase terrorists around rather than be truthful.