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Already hated by their users/customers, Google and Zuckiebook stay quiet on fast lanes

From the New York Times:

I’m sure the don’t be evil humps at Google and the Zuckie people have a complete hard on for fast lanes on the internet.   42 more words

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Ah, the self-satisfied smile of a well dressed corporate criminal who knows he'll never be punished

From the Daily Beast here:

If Obama wants to know why he got creamed in the midterm election he should look at how he’s behaved in the area of these Wall Street assholes. 27 more words

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Having a democratic and fair net is now 'extreme'

From the Guardian:

We’ll see if the O-Bummer folds like a napkin on this issue — it wouldn’t be surprising.

But the idea of cable executives shitting their pants because someone wants to regulate their profit pig is satisfying.

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I'm quite sure Mitch McTurtle will fuck up just the way O-Bummer has

From Business Insider:

We’re screwed with either one of these parites, it’s just a question of style.

This is our American ruling class — one a collection of racist, warmongers and one a no-balls outfit of reluctant warmongers.


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If saving Wall Street didn't save Main Street....

Maybe Wall Street crashing will.

You would have to be living under a rock to not notice that the H.M.S. Ponzi has torn itself asunder and is sinking at quite an alarming rate. 99 more words

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