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C++ Program, using stack and queue for palindrome. Stack overflow

When I exexicute the following code, I bug out when after I find my first overflow. I tried tracing my code back, but I am not sure why it is not resetting. 364 more words


Single line concept

Single line code for sum of the digits.


Working Example:
sum = 4;  numb = 234 ; sum = sum+(4=(234%10), 23=(234/10) 43 more words

C Programming

Q84: Fork behavior

Question 84: What will be the output of the following program:

if ( fork() )

{ printf(“Parent Process\n”);


printf(“Waited for child\n”);



{ printf(“Child Process\n”); 68 more words


Palindrome Number


int main ()
char word, temp;
printf (“Enter a word: “);
scanf (“%s”, word);

int i = 0;
int length = 0;

while (word[i] != NULL) 52 more words

C Programming

For loop

int main ()
int i;
for (i = 0; i <= 10; i++)
printf ("%d ", i);

return 0;

Code: Salma Sadia

C Program

c program, my two socket on same interface make a loop

i have two individual programs, each has two independent threads, send and receive:

program one:

receive packet from eth2 ( all packet sent to eth2 from external), do some algorithm, send the same packet to eth3, both eth2 and eth3 dont have ip address assigned… 206 more words