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Day 21: What others are saying

I’d like to share several things, mostly from fellow #write31days bloggers. They may or may not connect, but all have been impactful for me.

Beth, of  404 more words


No one can diminish God's glory

Glory is a strange concept.  The Hebrew word literally translates as “heaviness”, and the Greek word literally translates as “opinion, judgment or view” and also “splendor or brightness” (Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon, Thayer’s Greek Lexicon).   337 more words

New Testament

Readings from the Church Library: Athanasius

“It was not as a theologian, but as a believing soul in need of a Saviour, that Athanasius approached the mystery of Christ.”

I had written a few paragraphs to elaborate on the quote above but, after rereading them, I realized they only confused what is already stated so clearly. 170 more words


Die To Yourself to Live in The Present

C.S. Lewis, yet again, gives us another wonderful gem of a thought.

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by work. Task after task just keeps piling up on my desk. 743 more words

Biblical Studies