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A Beautiful, Yet Unexpected Birth Story: Part 2

I always heard someone whether it was my mom, Tim or the nurse telling me to breathe through the contractions. It sounds weird because you think of course I’m going to breathe I shouldn’t have to be told to breathe.

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SENRYU -- 08312014-14

caesarean scars —

the tiny blue knots consumed

by her flesh


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The J.P. Story: Waiting game begins

Dad’s note: In honor of J.P.’s 12th birthday, I’m writing “The J.P. Story,” which looks back at our journey through birth and now approaching teen-hood. I hope you enjoy. 784 more words

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My Birth Story (Almost a Full Year Later)

Let me preface this post by saying that it is posted as a story and not a lecture. Personally, I do not care how you delivered, where you delivered, with whose help, with or without what medical help. 2,540 more words

First Month Fog - Part 1: Birth Story

Last week my little man was one month old.

We made it! We are all still alive!

I’d say I can’t believe it’s arrived already, but in truth, it’s been a long old month. 1,560 more words


Post c-section Candida struggles and finding AIP

Ladies, if you are pregnant and you are thinking that a c-section might be the easier option I implore you to think again! Not only was the experience extremely traumatic to my partner, myself and Maya it leaves scars that are not just skin deep. 452 more words

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