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I'm Freaking Out!!!

Today is the last day of July. Duh!! Ok. Well. That means that tomorrow is August! Another DUH!!! Our date for baby #2 (as I’ve finally decided shall be referred to as Little Lady or LL in accordance with Little Man or LM on my blog) is set for August 19 fresh and early at the ass crack of morning before the sun even decides to wake up!! 1,020 more words

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39 Weeks Gestation Or Later Better For Healthy Delivery

Think a woman’s pregnancy lasts just 9 months? Think again. The generally accepted length of a “month” is 4 weeks, however, most weeks are slightly longer than 4 weeks. 375 more words

Forget Support, We Just Hope For No Judgment

Its so funny to me how when you have a kid, this is supposed to be such an amazing and happy time. Sure its a sleepless time where you are covered in spit up and poop so much you usually walk around in shorts and a sports bra, but hey even with those bags under your eyes and that stench of spit up or poop (not quite sure which one sometimes) its still a beautiful time, until the opinions start to come out. 976 more words


Prepping for The Declare Conference - Mommy guilt

If have been following me for the past few months you have heard me reference the Declare Conference. (If not jump over and check it out there is still time to sign up)   390 more words

Raising Our Girls

An Unnecessary Cut?


This short documentary explores the rise of the C-section, and follows one woman’s efforts to have a V-BAC for the delivery of her second child: …

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New age Child birthing Terror (NCT)

So how do you prepare for motherhood? There are some women, mostly clad in hessian, who claim that it’s instinct and you’ll know exactly what to do with your baby as soon as you clap eyes on him or her. 2,752 more words