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CULTURE & Christ: 3 Steps to Understanding Their Relationship #OrganicChurchbook

Christ & Culture: 3 Lessons to Consider

© Bob Whitesel

Lesson 1:

Carefully investigate and examine elements of a culture. Since modern culture is constantly adjusting and metamorphosing, the task of translating the Good News without surrendering its truth or disfiguring it is paramount and ongoing. 1,077 more words


Hard Fault when assinging value in 2D array, C

Writing a C program in an ARM microcontroller, i get a hard fault when i try to assign a value in a 2D array, and i have absolutely no clue why this is happening… 73 more words


java vs c++

At the beginning of a new project, you may be faced with the question, “Should I use C++ (or some other language) for my next project, or should I use Java?” As an implementation language, Java has some advantages and some disadvantages over other languages. 699 more words


An introduction to Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)

Last week I wrote a post about Dependency Injection (DI) with some basic examples in C#. Today I would like to write and offer a simple example of what is known as Interface Segregation Principle (ISP) which can happen if you are not careful when using and implementing interfaces in your code. 983 more words


Applying an operation on each element in a tuple

I ran into this when implementing the C++14 version of zip for cppitertools.

Given a tuple of iterators, increment each of those iterators using ++. Assuming I already have a… 173 more words


Dependency Inversion

Today I am just taking a brief look at an introduction to ‘Dependency Injection‘ and the 3 main types that I am aware of anyway. 469 more words


Understanding pipes in C

So, for my class in Parallel Programming, recently I had to use pipes to coordinate multiple forked processes in C. While perhaps it isn’t even practical to do this anymore with things like OpenMP and other multiprocess libraries, we had to do it nonetheless. 387 more words