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DevJev Tech Report- Facebook's hack{25/07/14}

To fit the specific needs of Facebook, they have created a programming language called “hack“. Hack is a statically typed language for HHVM… 263 more words


RTS4 Data File Structure

There haven’t been any gameplay changes recently, instead I’ve been working on adding features for modding. The current proto data format automatically supports a lot of scenarios, but many common concepts can be tedious to write. 285 more words


A couple of Resharper Live Templates for Caliburn.Micro items.

These are a couple of Live Templates for Resharper that help with some of the property declarations to work with Caliburn.Micro (the WPF framework originally from Rob Eisenberg). 342 more words


Binding Property Objects to WPF with Caliburn.Micro

Caliburn.Micro provides some powerful classes to help when working in WPF and I found it a very useful and rapid way to develop a WPF application for a client. 348 more words


Use of Conditional attribute in C#

Makes the execution of a method dependent on a preprocessing identifier. The Conditional attribute is an alias for ConditionalAttribute, and can be applied to a method or an attribute… 414 more words


Use of Obsolete attribute in C#

The Obsolete attribute marks a program entity as one that is no longer recommended for use. Each use of an entity marked obsolete will subsequently generate a warning or an error, depending on how the attribute is configured. 236 more words


#1,146 - Generics Don't Support Covariance

In C#, arrays are covariant, so you can do the following:

            // Array covariance--OK
            Dog[] dogs = new Terrier[5];

Generics in C#, however, are not covariant (they are… 22 more words