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MVC HTML Extension to add an image stored in a byte array to a view

This extension allows you to add an image contained within byte array into a view. If the byte array is empty it will return a default image stored within the content/image directory of your project. 371 more words


CImg: hello world

I implemented CImg hello world that loads an image, display on a CImg window, and save it. The complete code is available on my github… 138 more words

Blitz++: some sample code

I implemented some functions those are explained in Blitz++ documentation. The code is on my github.

Eigen: select columns with N largest norm 2

This post is to measure the computation time of the previous post, in which I posted a C++ code using Eigen to select columns with N largest norm. 885 more words

Basic struction --- create Database first ASP MVC Application(Models in three way)

Here in the internet have a lot tutorial introduction about create code first asp mvc application, but in the real life world the database always aready is exsiting. 210 more words

Asp.net In C#

Eigen: select columns with N largest norm

The following code selects columns with N largest norm. The output should be

All data and its norm:
data[0] = ( 68.0375 -21.1234)    norm = 71.2412…

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Most commons command line options for gcc (AKA: the ones I learned so far):

  • Specifying the executable name
  • -o

    -o exec_name
    The exec’s default name is…

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