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Samples from journal entry 2

Later on in the Ayers chapter, he presents a letter from the mother of a Native American child who is concerned about her son’s entry into public school, which is pretty much always dominated by the culture of white, middle-class women who don’t have the cultural context (or aren’t interested in the cultural context of) the boy’s learning. 320 more words


Week Eighteen! Can You Believe How Slow The Time Goes?

Well we are getting pretty close now.
The tiler came in today and tiled the splash-back in the kitchen, and also the downstairs bedroom floor. 128 more words

Welcome to the madhouse, and please enjoy our stay.


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Scales of Injustice by Gary Russell

The Doctor investigates another colony of homo reptilia, while Liz is drawn into a conspiracy involving corrupt Government officials and the misuse of alien technology. 856 more words

Doctor Who