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Confessions of a Fake Geek Guy

Congratulations nerds you’ve become mainstream! All that devotion to art previously considered childish has given geek culture its moment in the spotlight. Unfortunately, being in the spotlight illuminates horrible blemishes, *slowly strafing out of the spotlight. 976 more words

April Events

Hello, my friends, it has been awhile since I posted on my blog here. I’ve been extremely busy working on my next book, doing final interviews, transcribing, research, a million and one little details. 479 more words

Rayla Sketch

All new Rayla Illmatic sketch by Kamau Mshale. Rayla 2212 novel and art debut at C2E2 April 25-27.

The windy City

In 23 days I will finally be travelling again! So maybe it will be a short trip ( 5 days) but beggars can’t be choosers. See, my husband, who is a Belgian Citizen had been going through the process of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada and after a quite the wait, he got said PR in September! 178 more words

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The reason I've been slacking on nail posts:

I’ve been crocheting til my fingers bleed! Not literally, but I did have to take a day off a couple days back, my fingers were getting sore! 123 more words

Craft Things

C2E2 | 2014

One of the better cons I have attended (due to time, travel and money..), I love it and am very excited for its return:


My Dance Card is filling up!!

I’m so beyond excited about all the shows I have in the next two months.


Cor Res Theater’s production of Sex Work, a dark comedy following four friends who make a pact to go into the sex work industry to pay off debt opens May 2nd. 78 more words