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Tee 466 SWW

Tracy Wars: Droids
Designed by chembola8/Chema CastaƱo


13 Awesome Movie Sequels

Since they announced the birth of Star Wars Episode 7 it has been my goal not to vomit from excitement, and then Anthony Daniels (aka C3P0) tweets this… 182 more words

The Blonde Jedi

Vintage Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Having troubles finding your kid a spectacular costume that sets them apart from all of the other kids at the Halloween party?

If you still have influence over what kind of costume your kid will wear, and want to take it to the next level by kicking it old school Star Wars style, check out some of these vintage Star Wars costumes posted as… 6 more words


The Implications of R2D2 - Why Yoda Is A God

It is hard to believe that for over one hundred posts this blog has been commenting on cult culture and there has not been a post specifically talking about the flaws in the… 954 more words