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Cabbage Soup Diet - Best Recipe!

For autumn and winter time soups are a warming and delicious food! You even can lose weight by eating soups if do not go for the creamy fatty ones. 560 more words

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Soups On! Cabbage Soup, Delicious and Only 23 Calories a Cup. A Fat Burning Classic.

Have you ever been on the dreadful ‘Cabbage Soup Diet?’ ┬áIt is a horror to stay on. The worst part is the recipe for the soup. 1,190 more words

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Cabbage Soup Diet - A New Look and Weekly Menu

Cabbage soup can be used in a simple diet which can enable you to loose between 3 and 7kg (6 – 15 lbs) in a single week! 572 more words

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Cabbage Soup Diet - A One Week Diet Plan

When you looking for a convenient start to any diet plan, following the cabbage soup diet is a good way to jumpstart any attempt to lose weight. 701 more words

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Week 11: Screwed it up

This passed week I entirely screwed up. I ate all the bad stuff. Every day and way too much of it: cake, cookies, chocolate, bread. I didn’t do any kind of work out. 416 more words


Cabbage Soup Diet - A Good Starting Point to Weight Loss

It is a nightmare for a lot of people when they think of diet. Losing weight is difficult and more so keeping it off. A lot of pound-challenged people are on the look out for the perfect formula to decrease the unwanted bulges and lumps on their bodies. 560 more words

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Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly? - Here Are 5 Quick Tips

Desperate to lose weight quickly are we? Then you are welcome to try wacky fad diets like the cabbage soup diet, 3 day diet, or fasting programs and other so called secrets or supplements that promise rapid weight loss. 742 more words

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