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Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Blu-ray Review

“Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” isn’t on par with the previous 2 installments. 301 more words

Blu-Ray Review

(Cabin Fever) Mama's cucina

One of the most frustrating harpoons that never fail to penetrate my rather delicate ego are those fashioned out of mediocrity. “Mediocrity?” You inquire. “From whence did their crusted steel originate?” Who would deploy such an assault on my docile hide?” Tell out my soul, I am surrounded, by the mediocrity of inadequate writers. 356 more words

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(Cabin Fever) Institutionalised bliss

Only when you have no control do you begin to stop struggling.

Drowning, the gargling silence dives the funnel of your throat, forcibly expanding the spongy membraneous caverns it encounters. 269 more words

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(Cabin Fever) The narcissistic vegan- Part 2


I wouldn’t label something like sugar, singularly as evil, bad for you, or detrimental to health, for surely health is happiness and only the individual is privy to their level of content, so it follows suit that… 724 more words

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Movie Review - Cabin Fever: Patient Zero


2014 / 1 hr. 31 min. / NR

The third installment in the Cabin Fever series was released this year and it is obvious that the series has drifted far from the 2002 Eli Roth original. 373 more words

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Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero (2014)

When a group of friends Dobbs (Ryan Donowho), Josh (Brando Eaton) Penny (Jillian Murphy) and bachelor Marcus (Mitch Ryan) head to a deserted island for a night of fun with plenty of drinks and drugs they find out not everything is what it seems.  334 more words



With all this talk of surgery and recovery you can imagine I’ve spent a good amount of time in the last month sitting around at home.   695 more words