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A 'Cabin Fever' Remake is Coming! Will you Catch it?

It’s the eternal oath of the genre–or at least it seems–to bring about plethora after plethora of sequels, prequels and remakes. Since time immemorial, the genre has seen films multiply like fungal crops that spring up in all possible levels of toxicity.


The Peace EP Turns One

It has officially been a year since PCP released the Peace EP, and I am amazed at what the seemingly simple act of releasing music for the public to digest has done for me.  223 more words


Cabin Fever

Part of Friday night’s experience was a relieving realization; a realization that relieved me. I was walking around Safeway, riding the high from the overwhelming sense of nature that had swept over me on my walk. 985 more words

Love / Hate Relationship

Since releasing the Peace EP in April 2013, I’ve been consciously working on cultivating a mindful relationship with the intentions behind my actions.  Over the course of my last month at… 586 more words


Greetings From... Douglas!

Home of the first sighting of the elusive jackalope! The creature was first spotted in the 1940s by Douglas Herrick. His taxidermied specimen was put on display in Douglas’ LaBonte Hotel by Roy Ball, the hotel’s proprietor. 686 more words

Cabin Fever

Healing comes to those who rest?

Taking a break from physical activity that you love is easier said than done. I just may have been a bit moody the past couple weeks. 503 more words