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Urge to kill RISING!

This infection is driving me crazy!! Needing to take pills every few hours, constant queasiness, having to keep myself out of the sun and my foot elevated constantly… my temper is ridiculous….which is not very conducive to needing to ask for help with everything. 39 more words

Yes Shetland is Gone with the Fairies

Yes Shetland’s very own boy wonder, Douglas Young, and his ever ready ‘cat rampant,’ Buster, are displaying signs of severe paranoia once again. Since the referendum our Douglas and his cabin-feverish cabal of trolls have doggedly stalked the pages of the Yes campaign rooting out secret government agents and ‘nudging sites.’ It is all fantasy, however. 66 more words

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31 Frightful Films - #13 Cabin Fever:Patient Zero

I picked this one up while browsing the local Redbox after returning The Calling, which I mistakenly picked up thinking would be a film that would fit our horror theme. 265 more words


Dragon Comics 26

Sigh…optimistically, I’d like to believe that writing a sizable number of comics (let’s say 100, in which case we are 25% of the way there) should help develop my cartooning skills to a somewhat higher level. 149 more words


Susan Jackson, Producer and Co-Founder of Freestyle Releasing, Dies at 54

Susan Rosenberg Jackson, who co-founded Freestyle Releasing and exec produced “Cabin Fever” during a long career in independent film, died in Tuesday in Los Angeles of breast cancer. 155 more words


STARDATE - 20063.2

Jamieson starts gasping for air and erratically dances on the spot. He can’t breathe. At least, for the moment. When an Environmental Suit helmet seals, there is usually a brief moment of adjusting to the air from the EV suit oxygen tanks. 2,709 more words


The strange case of Hemlock Grove

A few weeks ago, I started watching the Netflix supernatural series Hemlock Grove on a whim. Somehow I managed to get through all 13 episodes of the first season. 560 more words