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In Love with Life!

Cabin fever is real people. It’s REAL. Don’t let its presence in the “urban dictionary” fool you. It’s real.

I’ve seen things you wouldn’t dare  379 more words

Life & Love

STARDATE - 20063.8

The day shift has ended and the night shift are getting into full swing with their nocturnal duties. The day shift crew are returning to their quarters for the night, some venturing to the canteen for a late night snack and gossip. 2,237 more words


September 4th 2014 Story: "Bored." M/M, PG-13

Pairing: M/M
Rating: PG-13
Word count: Approx. 750
Notes/Warnings: None.
Summary: Written for the prompt(s): Write about a time when you were forced to stay in because of a snow or ice storm. 751 more words

Day Four of Snowpocalype 2k14

Coming back to you during day four of our long running snow day period here at DYC.

We are beginning to escape! I have been as far as McDonald’s today! 308 more words

Friday Fun: Cabin Fever

Extended Illness + Arctic Vortex + Broken Car = CABIN FEVER

In honor of my current cabin fever, Friday, and the fact that winter is apparently here to stay, here is three minutes of Friday Fun: the Muppets singing about cabin fever in Muppet Treasure Island. Enjoy!

Kit Dunsmore Writer

STARDATE - 20063.7

Ensign Jee rings the doorbell and waits. She is nervous. She is usually such a private person and had initially objected to the mandatory counseling sessions that Doctor Black had ordered for ‘the stew crew’ as they had sensitively been nicknamed by the rest of the crew on the ship. 1,682 more words




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Cabin Fever has some very effective moments, especially when the gore starts flying, but, it’s writer/director Eli Roth’s insistence on filling his influence-drenched horror with sub-par, frat boy humor that sinks his first film (and sunk… 419 more words

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