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Cabin Fever

I guess today would be Saturday.  5:30 pm and here I am wondering, what can I say?  Cabin fever, I looked up you tube videos yesterday to see what other people would put out there and I was not impressed by most of what I found.  763 more words

Skeletons of saints, covered in gems.

When a man in a German village approached Paul Koudounaris during a 2008 research trip and asked something along the lines of, “Are you interested in seeing a dilapidated old church in the forest with a skeleton standing there covered in jewels and holding a cup of blood in his left hand like he’s offering you a toast?” Koudounaris’ answer was, “Yes, of course.”

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Why My Toilets Smell

Yesterday morning as Maggie began watching her third Reading Rainbow episode in a row, Tyler walked by and began a sentence which he never finished. If he’d completed it, the sentence would have ended in a suggestion that I do something with Maggie other than watch television. 1,058 more words


one handed typing, ftw. i wont be using capitalization or punctuation quite like i do/should. quinn is asleep and evie has successfully fidgeted her way from the katan (as seen above) into the crook of my left arm. 170 more words


Bad movies too good not to watch: "Zombeavers"

Animal horror can be a lot of things, and if the producers of American Pie, Cabin Fever and The Ring are in it, how crazy can… 514 more words


Amidst the Blizzard

Here we are, about 22 hours into a blizzard, with warnings of more to come tomorrow. I am shocked by the amount of snow outside and also dismayed that my epic shoveling attempts have now been completely covered over by more and more snow. 148 more words

Cabin Fever Diagnosis Chart

Seek outdoors immediately if you’ve ever been (top, left to right): calm, giggly, skeptical, opinionated, combative, expressive, super interesting, adventurous, napping