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30 Since '84, 13-18

13. Evil Dead 2 

That’s right not 1 or Army of Darkness.  Evil Dead 2.  Why?


Don’t judge me!

14. Mongolian Ping Pong… 251 more words


The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The Deets:

Director: Drew Goddard

Written By: Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon

Cast: Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Good or Bad? I’m in the middle

When Joss Whedon puts his name on something, you pay attention. 102 more words

Your Allegory's Eating My Plot! Or, the Cabin in the Woods Problem

If you didn’t die from the wafting fumes of smugness that are inevitable in every Joss Whedon script (don’t give me that look, I’m following him too), you probably noticed that… 1,296 more words


Week 4- The Weird

This week I am going to talk about THE WEIRD with reference to the 2012 film, Cabin in the Woods by Drew Goddard. I never would have chosen this film outside of class because I heard mixed reviews and that it was actually really weird- go figure. 312 more words

The Cabin of Our Time

I sat on a bench waiting. Reaching into my bag I grabbed for a book, but like so many other times I pulled out my phone. 440 more words

Joss Whedon Inspired Art at Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988, an art gallery that specializes in pop culture-inspired art, has opened a Joss Whedon-themed show.

As Faith would say, “It’s a thing of beauty, boss.” And it is. 101 more words


Life in the Wild... A Collaboration

I just got back from a heart warming journey to Scotland. I spent a whole week with my best friend, drawing, painting, visiting galleries and exploring the land.   122 more words