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WWW Wednesday, 16-April-2014

A couple of updates for this new installment of WWW Wednesday hosted by MizB. I hope I can keep up this reading pace!
The Three Ws are: 420 more words


CABIN PRESSURE - Needs Your Help!

“A late night flight proves to be a sinister one when a doctor realizes that his fellow passengers aren’t what they seem.”

With an all-star genre cast including HALLOWEEN 5′s Tamara Glynn, ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN(s)’ Tyler Mane, and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS’ Leslie Easterbrook, CABIN PRESSURE is heating up to be a great film.   49 more words

WWW Wednesday, 9-April-2014

Being a part of MizB’s WWW Wednesday has really encouraged me to keep reading at a break-neck speed!The Three Ws are: What are you currently reading? 316 more words


BBC 4 / BBC 4 Extra - Story Telling Radio

I won’t deny I stumbled upon radio stations, BBC 4 and BBC 4 extra, because of Benedict Cumberbatch.

After l had my fill of his TV shows (past and present) and movies, the next thing any dutiful fan will do is listen to his audio books and radio dramas because surprisingly he voiced quite a few. 556 more words

Audio Books

WWW Wednesday, 2-April-2014

Being a part of MizB’s WWW Wednesday has been such a great experience. Please join in if you haven’t yet! The Three Ws are:
What are you currently reading? 265 more words


WWW Wednesday, 26-Mar-2014

Being a part of MizB’s WWW Wednesday meme is making me read faster! I want to be able to post about different books each week! 352 more words


'Slightly Obscure' Group Cosplays, You Say?

Dear readers,

By slightly obscure, I mean ‘might not be immediately recognizable but wouldn’t they be fun to pull off all the same for fans who did? 788 more words

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